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Freeman Productions is a Johannesburg based video production company. We offer our clients a unique video production experience – with a full range of services offered right here, in-house. Simply put, it is our services that distinguish us amidst the competition; we provide all video production services – from pre-production right through to post-production, from concept to completion and beyond.

With over 25 years of outstanding experience in corporate video and event productions, Freeman Productions has been successfully producing dynamic and powerful, marketing, promotional and product demonstration videos. Our production of your video will notably enhance your businesses effectiveness and increase your sales by skillfully reinforcing your brand with dynamic visuals, making a huge impact on viewers both emotionally and visually.

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Conversion service

Freeman Productions can convert many different formats to digital/USB. This includes video tapes, cine reels, audio media, photos and more!

Video production service


If you have any old analogue media that you would like transferred to digital storage, Freeman Productions has the service for you. We convert almost any format you can imagine into a digital friendly copy!

Video editing

If you have footage that needs that professional touch, Freeman Productions has the ability to transform your moments into magic

Corporate video

You want your brand to shine and lets face it, these days the only way to do that is with video. Freeman Productions can take your product or service and give it that professional 21 centuary appeal that will leave you miles ahead of your competition

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Wedding and events

With over 25 years of experiance, Freeman Productions knows its way arround a wedding venue. We know where to stand and what to do to make your next wedding or event as memorable as possible

Voice over

Nails on a blackboard or the brush of silk. Which would your ears prefer? Getting the perfect voice over is a delicate art. Your message has to be well well written and spoken in a pleasing tone. Freeman Productions assists with this process from start to finish.

Online marketing

These days marketing has become extremely complicated, you need to know exactly the right way to start an online campaign or risk wasting thousands! Freeman Productions has the experience and expertise to give you the biggest bang for your buck!



I received the 8mm cine films, that my father Harold Jennings, had taken back in the mid 1950's through to the time of his death in 1966. These cine films, where a, "treasure trove", of our family life in my early years. I haven't seen them in over 50 years as our projector died too. I had a very poignant weekend seeing my family come to life on my lap-top and through our television, it was wonderful. It was simply marvelous the way they gave follow-up and feedback, every step of the way and I must add the cost was so reasonable, I was thrilled.
Colin Jennings
Freeman production did an unbelievable job on our schools video. Anthony is extremely professional. The service that was provide was phenomenal. The final video was was something that the school as well Freeman production can be very proud of.
Michael lewis
Freeman Productions filmed and produced our wedding video. They were fantastic to work with, and produced a stunning full-length video of the wedding and reception as well as a magical 6-minute "highlights" video. The team was patient and easygoing - they were never in our face, but got excellent shots of all the perfect moments. Somehow they managed to be everywhere at once as well, and they've given us amazing memories of a great day
Nurit and Austin




Other questions you may have

Wedding videography is important. Many have commented that they have an uncle or cousin with a video camera.  Our camera men have an understanding of lighting and composition, combined with over a decade of experience we know precisely where to be when.

Naturally we avoid amateur mistakes such as backlighting, blinding lens flares, bad cropping due to bad angles, shaky movement and grainy footage to name but a few. Sound is crucial. We have the technical knowledge and ability to record the sound with a presence and clarity from a variety of professional sources.

Wedding videography is a craft we have perfected over a number of years, it requires practise and intensive studying of your equipment and least of all passion and commitment to excel and provides a masterful product both technically and creatively.

You can either bring your own USB flash drive/portable HDD or we can provide you with one. You will, however, need to make sure that you have enough capacity on your drive to be able to store all your tapes.

Because each project is unique to the individual, you can contact us today for a comprehensive look at your project

The time produced will vary depending on a multitude of factors. Express delivery is available on request



Freeman Productions is here to use the power of video to push your next project into the next dimention!

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