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Multi-cam productions


Our Johannesburg based multi-camera productions will turn your next event into a documented masterpiece ready for the world to enjoy


With our Johannesburg based Multi-Cam productions, whether for business or pleasure, Freeman Productions is here to make your next big event something that will be remembered 

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Qualified professionals

With years of experience, Freeman Productions has what it takes to deliver excellence and quality every time

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A truly global event

Our livestreaming service will make sure that nobody gets left behind from your next big day

Multi-cam projuctions

So you are planning a big event that needs big coverage. All the planning is finally done. Everything except one thing….The video… Which has to be live-streamed….And you don’t know anything about where you would even start with live streaming an entire event…What are you going to do? Fear not because Freeman productions is here to assist you with our live multi-camera services!

Multi-cam projuctions

We at Freeman Productions have always prided ourselves at being the best of the best. We carry out our vision of exceeding expectations on whatever we do and we are here to make the distribution of your next big event an extreme success!

In addition, we provide corporate video production services ranging from video editing to voice-over work.



With many years of experience, we will ensure that your next event will soar.

Reach a global audience

From anywhere in the world your event will be a hit!

Save money

With the world available at the click of a link, you will save thousands

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Peace of mind

With our highly experianced engineers, you can leave it to us


Only alow the people you alloww to experience your event


Just a few clicks and you are ready to watch




Our live multi-camera service is a one-stop solution to the video production portion to any big event! It works by our professional camera people setting up upwards of 12 cameras at your event. We are then able to broadcast the image simultaneously between a projector or screen in the event and over the internet. Once the event is over, we can take the footage from the live stream and the cameras then edit it into the perfect video summary of your event!

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Live event Stream

How we decide which camera will be chosen to appear on the screen

During the event we will have a vision mixer that will decide what camera will be used at what time. Think of it like when you watch a sports match on TV, the view constantly changes between cameras. There is a person there who decides when to change cameras, we achieve the same effect with our service.

How we live stream the event

We are able to live stream your event by basically taking the same image that is appearing on the screen or projector and broadcasting it over the internet. We are able to do this through YouTube, the world's largest video sharing site.

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When the event is over, we still have access to the footage in the cameras. This means that, at your request, we can use that footage to further enhance the video by making adjustments to the editing that would not be possible live. Did someone smile at a joke that was missed in the live stream? Well worry not because our team of professionally trained editors can hunt it down and add it to the video, crafting it until it is perfect! We can even add music, sound effects, stock footage, after effects templates and much more into the video. Just give us a call for more information!


Cameraman Recording Event At Media Press Conference

Quality professionals will film every angle of your event, covering every aspect

Corporate event filmed in multicam

Focus on your event and Freeman Productions will handle the rest with our state of the art equipment meaning that we wont miss a beat.

Watching multicam production live

Anyone from around the world can watch your event, allowing you to reach more people than ever before.


Other questions you may have

This service is for any type of event. Some common examples include:

  • Parties and celebrations
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Corporate functions
  • Dinners
  • Sports matches
  • Conferences
  • Many more!

We require an internet speed of at least 4 – 10 Mbps if you want to have a decent quality stream. The speed you need will, however, depend on the resolution and framerate you want the video to be.

We provide our service to all types of events! Here is a list of some of the most common of events:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Large Festivals or fairs
  • Corporate events
  • Dinners
  • Conferences
  • Sports Days
  • So much more!

Yes! This can be done by using our own private server instead of YouTube. You can set it up so there are specific usernames and passwords that people can use to get in to watch the live stream. This is 100 percent safe and secure!



At Freeman Productions we are fond of delivering excellence to our customers. We can guarantee that if you choose us for your video production needs, you will not be disappointed! So come on down and make your next big event one to remember!

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