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Harmonising Vision and Sound

Freeman Productions is here to transform Your music into mesmerizing visual Stories with our music video creation service

Years of experiance

With over 25 years of experience in the visual and audio mediums, Freeman Productions is your go to for music video production

We follow your vision

It’s your video and your vision, we understand how important this is.

Professional editing

With decades of professional editing experience, your music video will be in excellent hands


In the realm of music, we believe that every note carries a story, and every melody deserves to be a visual marvel. At Freeman Productions, we believe that a music video can transcend more than just the sum of its parts. Our mission is simple: to aid you in bringing your visual to life.

Our journey begins with the belief that music and visuals are inseparable companions, each enhancing the other’s impact. Through collaborative creativity, our team works closely with you to understand the essence of your music and translate it into visually pleasing concepts. Our experienced directors, cinematographers, and production experts are dedicated to bringing your artistic vision to life, capturing every emotion, rhythm, and message in the most compelling way.


Professionalism and Expertise

Benefit from a team of skilled professionals who understand the nuances of music video production, ensuring a polished and high-quality end product.

Creative Collaboration

Collaborate closely with our team to bring your artistic vision to life, ensuring your music's unique personality shines through in every frame.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Access cutting-edge filming equipment and technology to ensure your video's visual quality stands out in a competitive market.


Tailor your music video to match your music's style, mood, and message, ensuring a seamless fusion of audio and visuals

Attention to Detail

From scouting the perfect locations to meticulous post-production editing, we leave no detail untouched to make your video exceptional.


Leverage our expertise in creating videos that maximize viewer engagement


Creative Consultation

We begin by sitting down with you to understand your music, vision, and goals. Together, we brainstorm and refine creative concepts that best convey your message and music's essence.

Pre-Production Planning

Once the concept is established, we meticulously plan every detail, from location scouting to casting. We develop a comprehensive production schedule and budget that aligns with your needs.

Production Excellence

Our experienced team of directors, cinematographers, and crew bring the project to life. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture stunning visuals and captivating performances.

Post-Production Magic

After filming wraps, our skilled editors, visual effects artists, and color graders work their magic. We meticulously edit, enhance, and fine-tune every frame to create a polished and engaging final product



Beautiful women playing in the rock band

You have a great vision, its time to show it with the world!

Country band

Let your music be heard

Band performs on stage in a nightclub


Reach a bigger audience with Freeman Productions

Young girls in an audience enjoying their favourite bands performance

We keep your vision

We understand that you may have a particular vision for how you want your music video, to look, feel and sound. We understand this, our goal is to work with you to actualise that vision

YouTube publishing

We can assist with the publication of your music video to locations such as YouTube

Music band
Carol Purchase
Carol Purchase
I am extremely happy with the outcome of converting my VHS tapes onto flash drive. Thank you so much.
Cheneé Mileham
Cheneé Mileham
Wonderful service. I recently had my 20+ year old tapes converted to digital and I couldn’t be happier. I was kept updated throughout the process & really happy with the turnaround time. After many years of anticipation, I can finally enjoy all my childhood memories. Thanks Freeman Productions. You guys are awesome!👏
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips
Happy with service. Brought tears to my eyes. Converted 70 year old cine to digital
Louis Luyt
Louis Luyt
Just a short note to thank Freeman Productions for amazing, professional and personalised service!! They are truly awesome and our phot, DVD and video conversions were so professionally done!! Thank you so much for doing this as it allows me to leave a legacy for my children!! I really appreciate all the assistance, continuous communication and obviously the final product which is awesome!! Thank you very much!! It means such a lot to me. I have only accolades and no reservations referring them to other people!! I will be in contact when I need more conversions!! Thank you again. Kind regards, Louis
Martin Rosslee
Martin Rosslee
Very happy with the service and the quality of the production. Highly recommend
win doody
win doody
I have recently been involved with Anthony from Freeman Productions - firstly with the conversion of 16mm movies and then conversion of photos and VHS to digital. A very pleasant and professional experience . Win Doody
Gustav Gavin
Gustav Gavin
Excellent and friendly service. Kept me updated through the process.
Jake Pencharz
Jake Pencharz
I highly recommend Freeman Productions. We had two collections of VHS tapes converted. The process was surprisingly fast, communication was professional, and the results are excellent quality!


Other questions you may have

Because each project is unique we will need to learn more about your specific needs in order to be able to make an accurate quote. Please contact us today for an obligation free quote

The timeline of your project can vary based on its scope, once we understand your project requirements we can give you a timeline for the completion of your project

Freeman productions are a group of professional videographers that have specialised equipment ranging from professional video cameras to drone equipment



As you embark on your creative journey, remember that music and visuals have the power to transcend boundaries and touch hearts. At Freeman Productions, we’re dedicated to helping you unlock that power and transform your music into something truly special

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