Freeman Productions offers a great opportunity to digitise your large format media

Scan certificate

Convert large formats to digital

Be it paintings, xrays, certificates or any other large format media. Freeman Productions can convert them to digital

blueprint scanning service

Wide variety of methods

Depending on the type of mediayou need converted, we use various tools such as high-quality scanners and phography to convert your scans

Photoshop service

Digital touch up

At request, as an additional service, we can touch up your scans using AI tools or photoshop

Large format media scans


Welcome to our cutting-edge large format scanning services, where we specialise in preserving your most cherished memories and invaluable documents. With our state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail, we offer a seamless solution to digitise and safeguard items that are too large or delicate for conventional scanning methods. Whether it’s preserving family photographs, historical artifacts, architectural blueprints, or art works, we are dedicated to capturing the essence and significance of your items while ensuring their longevity for generations to come.

Large format media scans

Our team of skilled professionals understands the importance of preserving the grandeur and intricacies of large-scale objects. We utilise advanced scanning equipment capable of capturing the finest details, vivid colours, and precise dimensions, ensuring that every scan reflects the true essence and essence of the original item. Through our large format scanning services, we bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, enabling you to explore, share, and cherish your memories and important documents with ease and convenience. Trust us to handle your items with the utmost care, professionalism, and respect as we embark on this transformative journey of preserving your memories in a digital format that will stand the test of time.


Preserve Fragile and Oversized Items

Large format scanning allows you to digitally preserve delicate, fragile, or oversized media


Large format media can get damaged and loose their quality when exposed to the elements

Space Optimisation

Converting large format media into digital files eliminates the need for physical storage space, freeing up valuable real estate and reducing clutter in your home or office.

Newspaper scanning

Historical and Cultural Preservation

Large format scanning contributes to the preservation of historical artifacts, cultural heritage, and artistic works, ensuring their accessibility to future generations and researchers.

Accessibility and Sharing

By digitising large format media, you can effortlessly share and distribute your valuable content with friends, family, or collaborators, regardless of their location, fostering easy access and engagement.

share your media

Your friend and family or colleagues will be delighted to share your special moments with you. It is as simple as sharing a digital file



We start the process by identifying a naming process that will allow us the methodically and efficiantly transfer your large format media

Captureing your media

Now that everything has been catalogued, it is time to capture your media. This step involves identifying the best method for scanning each individual item, be it scanning technology or photography


Once your media has been captured, the files need to be gathered together and potentially enhanced in Photoshop


Thats it! At this point we will save your photos to a storage device of your choice and then you can enjoy your photos for generations to come

How do you convert media?

Xray scanning


Stack of old newspapers

You can share and copy your large format media


Its a good idea to back up your media as much as possible. This will help ensure that they last for generations!

Doctor looking at x-ray image

Its unbelievably easy! Just copy and paste the files


Excellent Service and exceptional quality! I had actual pictures digitized by Freeman Productions and not only was the service amazing, the quality of the digitised prints are over and above what I expected. I am so impressed. Highly recommended! Well done team!
Jill M
Great company and service - scanned boxes and boxes of old documents and photos and found them to be very professional and the scans were of excellent quality - highly recommend
Alon Cohen
Fantastic and professional service. High quality scanning and digitising of old and newer photos. Thank you so much Anthony an team.
Trudie Geldenhuys


Stacks of magazines close up

What if I want my large format media printed?

If you would like to have your large format media printed then having it scanned is the perfect first step. Freeman Productions will scan your media at a high quality which will allow you to print your photos at a later date. You can then at your own leisure look through the media that you want printed

Can you fix up my large format media?

We have advanced tools such as adobe Photoshop and AI systems that can be used to increase the quality of your media and remove imperfections. You can ask about this as an additional service

Young artist painter painting canvas studio gallery


Other questions you may have

You are welcome to bring in as many as you like; there are no restrictions.

While the quality will depend on the state of the large format media item in question, we will scan them in a high quality and, if requested, increase the quality using Photoshop and/or AI technologies

Yes, we can convert large format media for individuals and companies

We do provide our own USB’s and portable HDDs. You can bring your own if you wish as long as there is enough free capacity.

If you contact us today we can provide you with a quote

While every job is different and demands different requirements, on average we take 10 – 20 working days. In a hurry? No problem, we offer express delivery on request

We convert all types of media! From photo scanning and MiniDv’s to vinyl and 8mm cine reel transfers, Freeman Productions is here to help



Its finally time to update that media collection! Imagination last forever but physical media does not. Give those moments the respect that they deserve. So what are you waiting for, get out that box of photos and transport them to the 21st century!

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