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Freeman Productions is here to offer you a way to preserve your precious photos with our Johannesburg based photo scanning service

Photo album and camera. Ready to convert to digital

Photo scanning service

Our photo scanning service will make your old photo memories last forever by scanning your photos and digitally storing them


Scanning photos

Professionally scanned

The quality of your photos will be fantastic as they are scanned with a high DPI to preserve their original condition

Pile of photos for scanning

Touch up

All photos go through a Photoshop process to make your photos look good. As an additional service we can manually edit your photos to remove imperfections.

Photo scanning service

You know that photo album of your wedding, or those pictures of your little girl’s first day in school? They are probably sitting in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that they were safe from damage and would last forever?

Freeman Productions is here to help! With our Johannesburg based photo scanning service, we can take those old photos and professionally scan them so they are saved digitally so you can keep them and share them with your friends and family.

We also offer other photo scanning services such as 35mm slides and negative scanning.


Save your photos

You will never need to be worried that your photos are lost again once they have been scanned and durned to digital


Physical photos can get lost, damaged, stolen or wear out over time. When you use our photo scanning service and back up your photos, you can keep them safe from harm and deterioration.

You can keep them on your phone

A whole photo album at your finger tips. Your photos will never be out of reach again!

Vintage Camera for photo scanning

Can be used for slideshows

Slideshows, videos or any other digital use you may have for your photos now becomes a possibility. Click here to learn more about how Freeman Productions can edit your photos

Upload your photos online

You can upload your photos to Instagram, Facebook or wherever else you might want to put them

share your videos

You can spoil your friends and family by sending them digital copies of some of their favorite memories


If your photos have come in boxes, albums or packets. Each one will be labeled so we can keep track of all of your photos


Each photo is manually scanned at a high DPI to make sure the photos are preserved as close to the original as possible


Each photo goes through a Photoshop process that corrects, the colour, brightness and contrast. The photos are also cropped to make sure there are no black edges. As an additional service we can remove imperfections from your photos in Photoshop.

Saved to storage

When we are finished, you can collect your digital photos on a storage device of your choosing (you can bring your own or we can provide you with one)


Children and animal concept - Puppy with his owner sitting on the floor

Give your family and friends the amazing gift of memories

Couple bride in whire and groom in gray standing among lake

We do recommend that you should make backups and copies of your scanned photos. This will help ensure that your photos do not get lost.

Little girl holding painting brush and paint picture

It is a easy as copying and pasting the video photos. 


Freeman Productions work has been simply extraordinary - attention to detail, respect for our family memories, and for how important our family videos and photos are to us - thank you for undertaking this BIG and messy job so professionally and patiently.
Lesley Emanuel
Freeman Productions was so professional, caring and the customer service was exceptional! No words can describe the emotions seeing old, never seen before, family photos and films. Highly recommend this services
Hebs Brunger
Great service, I loved the updates as process went on, very professional, thank you for restoring our precious memories ❤
Malindi Mhlungu


In addition to our wide array of exceptional services, we're excited to introduce you to one of popular choices: Slide Scanning.


Once the photo scanning process has been completed, you can save them on most devices

Little girl playing with a photo album for scanning

Our photos are saved as JPEG

We usually scan our photos in the JPEG format. JPEG is the most universally used image format in the world.

This means it will just work

Because JPEG is such a universal standard, almost any device that can display photos should accept them. This means that you can look at your photos on your phone, computer or even your TV

Looking at scanned photos


5 star google reviews

vintage photo album transferred to USB


Other questions you may have

This is not an issue, there is no such thing as too little or too many photos to be scanned.

Our photo scanning service is for both individuals bushiness alike

We can provide USB storage if you are unable to bring your own. Otherwise any form of storage big enough to contain your photos is fine.

Because each job is different, you can contact us today to get a quote



At Freeman Productions we take great pride in providing people with a new way to view their lost memories and allowing them to be relived forever. We hope that our service can bring you joy and security knowing that your beloved moments can be seen, loved and shared for generations to come.

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