Audio reel to reel Conversions


Freeman Productions is offering you the chance to save your old audio reel to reels into a format that will last forever. All from our Johannesburg located studio

8mm film to digital reel tape for conversions

Transfer Your audio reels to USB

If you’re worried about losing access to your old audio reels, we can convert them to a format that will play on modern devices

Reel of vintage audio tape to be transferred to mp3

Why audio reels should be converted

Unfortunately analogue technology such as audio reels will degrade over time, loosing its quality

reel to reel transfer to digital

Why trust us ?

With hundreds of happy customers under our belts, you can trust us to give you a quality and reliable service

Audio reel to digital


Digital is forever. As much as people may argue about the benefits of analogue, it wears away over time leaving its contents lost. Do you have any audio reels that are left in storage? You may need to convert them to a digital audio format if you want to preserve that data that’s on them.

Audio reel to digital

Luckily Freeman Productions, a Johannesburg company, offers a service for converting these old reels onto a digital format that will keep all the important meetings and events that you have recorded, archived for years to come! We also convert audio cassette tapes and vinyl

Why should I convert my reels?

To preserve quality

Your audio reel to reels lose their quality when exposed to light, moisture and other elements. They can't last forever.

Machines are pricey

Finding a machine that will play your old audio reels is an extremely difficult task that will set you back thousands of rands!

Digital is forever

Once converted, your digital files can, if backed up regularly, last indefinitely!

Audio reel transfer service

Upload online

As a digital format, your new audio files will have no restrictions. This means that you can upload your reels to the internet

Enjoy again

What ever precious content exists within your reels, there is nothing like listening to your old audio for the first time in years!

Show everyone

When you have converted your reels, there is no limit to the copying and sharing that you can do. This means that you can share it with your friends and family!


Lable the audio reels

The very first thing we do is label all of your products. This is very important as it not only ensures that the will be no confusion when handling your reels, but it will also make sure that you can relate the audio files to the physical audio reels when we are done

The actual conversion

Here is where the magic happens! One of our engineers will plug an old audio reel machine into one of our computers in order to capture the audio (making sure the levels are adjusted correctly)

Fixes and tweaks

Next we need top check that everything has been captured correctly and that there there is no empty space. If there is, we remove it

Saved to storage

That's it, as simple as that you know have fully converted audio reels saved onto your storage

How audio reels are converted

Reel of film to digital


Vinyl as mp3

Know someone who would live to listen to these reels? Sharing is easy once converted!

Music to mp3

We actually recommend this as the more copies you make the longer your conversions will last (potentially forever)

Close-up professional audio equipment with sliders and knobs at boutique recording studio.

Its all just so easy, simply copy and paste the files


Great service, exceeded expectations!
Samkelo Khumalo
A real pleasure dealing with professionals. Service and support is wonderful. Highly recommended
Doug Shead
Excellent quality of work and service
Aphrodite Gogakis
What an absolute pleasure to work with such decent people who give absolute attention to detail in the most loving and professional way
Chaim Tuch


We know how important this is

Our reviews


Once converted, you can treat your reels like any mp3

What format will the converted audio reel to reels be?

While we normally convert to an MP3 format, if requested, we can convert your reels to any file type you choose

Waveform of reel to reel
Old vintage reel tape recorder transfered to digital

My reels are extremely old, can I still convert them?

Yes! From our experience reels that are even decades old are still audible today. It is best not to leave them longer than you need to though


Vintage magnetic audio reel digitised




You can have as many audio reel to reels converted as you need if you are a company or a individual

The quality of the converted reels do depends on the original quality of the reel. We can, however, denoise the sound.

We provide USB and HDDs but you can bring your own if you are mindful of the remaining space

If you contact us today, we can quote you on your specific needs

It generally ranges between ten and twenty working days. We can perform an express delivery if you request

We are able to repair damaged reels, although the final product will be dependant on the extent of the damage

Yes, we can convert your old LP’s, VHS and slides as well as a large amount of other formats



Thank you for considering our audio reel to reel conversion service. We hope that we are able to assist you in archiving your precious audio recordings and allow you to keep them for many years to come!

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