Freeman Productions is a company located in Johannesburg offering a fantastic services in all forms of video production

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Corporate videos

Have a corporate or marketing video that needs that professional touch? Freeman Productions offers a wide variety of professional corporate video services for all needs


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Video editing

Our team of skilled video editors can assist you with any editing task you throw at them


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Green screen studio

Put yourself anywhere in the world with a click of a button! Our green screen studio and teleprompter services will allow you to create professional dynamic content

Voice Recording Microphone

Voice over

Need that perfect sound? Freeman Productions can assist with professional voiceovers and scriptwriting 


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Training and safety videos

Speed up the recruitment process with our handy training and safety videos



Explainer corporate video

Animated explainer videos

Need that perfect way to both market and explain your product to potential customers? Look no further than our animated explainer video service



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These days the best way to make a meaningful impact is with the video. The audiovisual medium is one of the most powerful and effective ways of grabbing people’s attention and getting meaningful results.

Unfortunately, it is not easy. Making videos requires lots of time, careful planning and expertise. The lack of which could have disastrous consequences. Lucky for you there is a simple solution.

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Freeman Productions offers a wide variety of video production services that will make the whole process of conceptualisation to final product a breeze!


We know video

Freeman Productions has been adapting to this industry for over 25 years


This gives us the experience to make your next project a smashing success

Up to date

We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in video production meaning your video will be looking your video will be looking , powerful, dynamic and trendy , using the latest production techniques

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With hundreds of satisfied customers, Freeman Productions has gained a reputation for excellent service


No matter the size, your project will go through our incredibly high standards of quality and professionalism


Our number one priority is to get you your product done by its deadline


Do you have a product or service that needs advertising? In this modern competitive age, the advertising game has completely changed. It is becoming extremely hard to find an affordable and efficient way of advertising your product. There are far too many fly by night advertising outfits that make big promises and can’t deliver. If this is all making you feel lost and you just want an easy and effective way of making corporate videos for your company then Freeman Productions is at your service!

Corporate and Marketing videos

Corporate film recording



Nowadays everyone has a camera in their pocket allowing them to film things all the time. Whether it be your son playing his first cricket game or a sunset that we had to share on a train ride back home, we are always ready to capture new moments. This innovation is a fantastic addition to our lives, however, when it comes to making videos, recording is only half the battle. It takes editing to turn moments into magic.

Freeman Productions offers a fantastic video editing service that can turn those videos you have recorded into intricately crafted productions that you can share with your friends and family. Our in house video editing facilities allow us to provide a fast turnaround on your project. We have skilled creative staff that have worked on a variety of projects ensuring that we can turn our hand to all manner of video editing styles to suit your requirements.


Make videos the smart way

Be anywhere!

Green Screen Studio


Illustration of soundwaves

Professional voice overs done right

One of the most overlooked elements in the production process that can make or break your intended communication is the audio, namely – voiceover. Tone, texture, pitch and pace are all key elements of any audio production and when poorly executed it can leave your listeners running for earplugs or even worse, your competition.

Freeman Productions is here to get your message heard with our fantastic voice over solutions.

Why voice overs are important

Audio is just one of those things that people can tell when it is being done wrong, whether they understand why or not. And it’s not just the audio either, it’s the writing. If your message is badly written, it does not matter how good your products are, nobody will want to listen.

Freeman Productions can assist you with not only the voice over itself but with the scriptwriting process as well

Microphone sound recording room studio


Learning from Video Training video

Save time & money

Training new employees can be such a glutton of time, money and other resources. You have to take productive work hours out to train your new staff on the intricacies of your company when that time could be used much more usefully elsewhere. It would be much more cost efficient to streamline and digitise the whole process.

Safety Video Production

Focus on what matters

If you are suffering from this issue then Freeman Production can help you with our employee training and safety videos. We can create a video for your business that can train employees about the fundamentals of your company without the hassle of dedicating time and money every time new staff are hired.

Safety first

Safety videos work in a similar way to training videos as they can be used to educate employees or members of the public on safety
requirements. Just like with the training videos this will help you save countless hours, time that could be better spent elsewhere.


Reach new customers quickly and easily

Do you have a product or service that needs more attention? Do you need a simple and effective way to reach people? Are you looking for an animated video that can explain your business in a way that is easy to understand for your target audience?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are in the right place! Freeman productions can make you an animated explainer video that will grab the attention of your potential customers.


Why do I need an animated explainer video?​

Animated explainer videos can be used as a powerful tool that can help increase your sales and give you better brand awareness. They do this by teaching people about how your product or service works. This is done in a non-intimidating, down to earth way that can help them understand why they may need your product or service.

Animated explainer Character



Freeman Productions has been working in the video production industry for over 25 years now. This time has given us a great degree of experience and a skill set that we are extremely proud of. So forget about the headache of trying to handle a video production project by yourself and allow Freeman Productions to give you the final product that you deserve!

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