35MM FILM TO DIGITAL Conversions


At Freeman Productions, we are ready to meet all of your requirements for converting 35mm films.


In need of a reliable 35mm film to digital service? We can happily convert your old reels to a digital file that may be seen anywhere.

35mm conversion


We have hundreds of happy clients who trusted us with their conversions.

35mm Film Strip repair


Are your 35mm cine reels damaged? This is no problem, we are able to clean and fix your film.


Remember movies? Yes, was that the click click you used to hear coming from the theater’s rear? These vintage cameras? What has become of that? Film was left in the wake of the advent of the digital age. Get out your old 35mm cine reels and have them converted to a digital format so you can watch them in the twenty-first century. It’s time to keep up with the times. Because those memories should be kept alive!

At Freeman productions we offer a service that can convert your 35mm film to digital in Johannesburg! This means that they can be saved on a hard drive or USB and played on your TV, computer or another electronic device. We can also convert 8mm film to digital.

Why should I transfer my 35mm film to digital?


Unfortunately, 35mm cine reels will eventually lose their quality after being exposed to the elements.

Projectors impossible to find

The unfortunate truth is that projectors are now extremely difficult to find.

Digital files are immortal

Your reels should last forever once they've been converted to a digital format.

35mm film transfer

Save to the cloud

Since digital files can be saved anywhere, you can post your reels online.

Plays much more easily

Even if you have an old projector, playing these old reels can be a pain!

Show your family and friends

Giving these reels to a friend or family member who would benefit from watching them can be the most thoughtful present.


I am flabbergasted by the professionalism, proficiency, time efficiency of Freeman Productions for helping me restore the most treasured moments that have long been snubbed
Thami Hadebe
Great and professional service. Quick, easy and reliable. Highly recommended!
Bayla Ziman
This was exceptional service and the quality of the conversion is something that I did not expect at all. I would highly recommend Freeman Productions to anyone. Outstanding! Thank you very much for eternalizing our old memories
Wynand Viljoen
Freeman Productions have just digitized film footage of a voyage taken in 1962. They have taken the old reels found at the back of a dusty cupboard and breathed a new digitally enhanced life into them bringing out a level of clarity that I had not expected. Well done guys, very much appreciated, thank you.
Greg Crow


Archive footage

With our 35mm film to digital service, we can restore your reels to the current age

35 film reel being converted

High resolution scanning!

Close-up of film reel on table for conversion

Its so easy, you just need to copy and paste the video files


Label the reels

Each reel receives a tiny sticker that is placed with care. This keeps your reels from getting mixed up and makes it simple for you to match each reel with its appropriate file.

Capture the 35mm film to digital

Our engineers will then convert your 35mm film to digital, which requires a professional touch because we need to ensure that everything is focused and the reels are running smoothly without jumping.

Authoring process

The footage is then transferred from the recorded reels to our editing platforms. Here, we'll make any necessary adjustments to the reels to make them look as good as we can. Additionally, we'll remove any extra space from the reels.


The process is now finished. We simply need to save the reel to a USB storage device at this point.

How do you convert 35mm film?

Vintage film projector and film screening of 35 mm film


35mm film transfer

Without a doubt!

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Just about any modern video playing device that you can think of should play your reels

Can you convert libraries?

Yes we can convert your library of film into a digital format. You can bring in your entire archive

Can you convert my reels to any format?

We can absolutely convert your 35mm film to digital formats of your choosing, however, we do recommend an mp4 format as it is a global standard that should work on the above devices


Deteriorating film

Example of film deterioration



As a separate or additional service, we are able to scan individual images from your reels. This can be done to get pictures of loved ones that you might not have or to recover some content from severely damaged reels. Works best with close up images of faces


We will take your reel and run it through out sophisticated photo lab scanning system and select the best frames to be transformed into images

2. Photoshop enhancement

As an additional step, we can use Photoshop to colour correct and fix any issues with our scanned images, including scratches and other artifacts

3. AI enhancement

Finally as another optional step, we are able to use advanced AI technology to increase the fidelity of the faces in your photos


Some Other questions

As many as you like! We capture to large and small projects, be it for an individual or a company.

Most likely, even though films do degrade over time, you will be surprised how good some of them still look. If you are worried then you can look at the film through a light source or by a window and if you can make out what is on the film then it is probably a good idea to have it converted.

We do provide express delivery as an option, otherwise it will take between 10 – 20 working days to convert your 16mm reels. This is to ensure that they meet our high quality standard

We can provide a USB as an additional part of the service or you can bring your own. If you do this, you just need to check that it has enough available space.

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Yes, if your films have sound we can transfer them

High Definition all  the way. We go through a tune up process to make sure the reels look as good as they possibly can, however the final result will largely depend on the current state of the film.

Yes, even though you have a projector you still should convert your films to a digital format because in conjunction with the previously mentioned wear and tear of the film, the projector itself will wear and tear. This will mean that you won’t be able to play your films forever. The projector itself can also increase the wear on your film as it can damage its holes over time and burn the film.

We can transfer 8mm/super 8mm reels as well as a wide variety of other formats such as slide scanning, hi8 tapes and LP transfers



At Freeman productions we fully understand how frustrating it can be to have old films that you wish you could look as but can’t because of the lack of resources so we take great joy in being able to give people their memories back! So what are you waiting for? Take back your precious moments lost to time and transfer your old 16mm cine reels.

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