8mm and SUPER 8mm Cine Conversions


Freeman Productions provides an opportunity to bring your old 8mm and super 8mm films back to life!

8mm film to digital reel tape for conversions


We can convert your old 8mm film to digital video playable anywhere. Our 8mm film to digital service will have you reliving the history of you or your whole family.

Movie Film Reel 8mm film to digital

Trusted by many

We have had hundreds of customers over the years that have trusted us with their conversions. We wont let you down! You can trust us with your precious 8mm reels.


Film Reel to digital

Reel repair & MOULD REMOVAL

Are your 8mm cine reels damaged? No problem, we are able to clean and fix your film. This can be quite tricky and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing

Old Film real needs converting


These days everything is digital. You have a digital watch that displays digital time, you have a digital camera that takes digital pictures and you watch digital movies on your digital television. It wasn’t always like this, movies used to be captured on film. Yes, film, an analogue and mechanical way of storing visual information by shining a physical light through transparent images dozens of times per second to create the illusion of motion.

Old Film real needs converting

Why not take those old 8mm cine reels that you have lying around and update them to the digital age? They could be your grandfather’s very first steps or that holiday your great aunt took to Peru in the 60’s. Whatever they are, they deserve to be preserved and remembered for generations to come. That’s where we come in.

We at Freeman Productions can transfer your old 8mm film to digital formats that can be played on any modern device, right here in Johannesburg South Africa.

 We can also convert 16mm film.

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Why should I transfer my 8mm film to digital?


Unfortunately 8mm cine reels will lose their
quality over time when exposed to the elements

Projectors hard to find

Projectors are very difficult to find these
days and even if you can find one, the bulbs
are almost non-existent.

Will last forever

When you transfer your 8mm film to digital, your new reels can potentially last forever

Film projector ready to convert film

publish online

Our 8mm film to digital service allows you to save your memories to the internet

Easier to play

Using an old 8mm cine reel projector is quite confusing
and can damage the reels if not done correctly

You can share your films!

All your friends and family can now watch
your old movies!


I am extremely happy with the work Freeman Productions did for me. I trusted them with memories that are 70 years old and they did an amazing job of converting 8mm cine reels to digital format. These precious memories get a new lease on life. I would recommend Freeman Productions without any reservations
Charles Nell
Freeman Productions have just digitized 8mm film footage of a voyage taken in 1962. They have taken the old reels found at the back of a dusty cupboard and breathed a new digitally enhanced life into them bringing out a level of clarity that I had not expected. Well done guys, very much appreciated, thank you.
Greg Crow
Had about 45 reels of 8mm home movies of family converted to digital files (mp4). Highly recommended. Remember that the longer you wait to digitise those 8mm movies, the more the film deteriorates.
Rayno van Zyl
Best customer service ever. Freeman productions converted all my old reel to reel family film onto usb. Went out of their way to make sure I got them back in record time because of December holidays. Highly recommended
Brenda King


Home movie Champagne glasses Celebration

You can show your films to whoever you want

Vintage car

We recommend that you make plenty of copies of your transferred films so that that can not get lost and so that your friends and family can enjoy them for generations

Antique vintage typewriter

Simply copy and paste the video files. 


REEL Labeling

The first step, in converting each 8mm film to digital, is to manually label each reel so when we are done you can correspond the physical reels to the newly digitized ones

Capturing the reels

The second step is for us to capture your reels, this process takes the professional touch as we need to make sure everything is in focus and the reels are playing nicely without jumping


Next, we upload the recorded tapes onto one of our editing suits where we trim out all the parts of the video without content and make the reel look nicer by adjusting the speed, colour and sharpness

Saved to storage

Finally, your reels are saved to a USB or HDD of your choice. You either bring your own or we provide one

How does the 8mm film to digital process work?

8mm Projector for use in film conversions


Unusual cinema concept 3D illustration

We know how important these films are

Gogle reviews


AFTER we have transferred each 8mm film to digital, you can play them on almost anything!

Can I play my tapes on my TV?

Absolutely, so long as you have a USB port on the side or back of your TV, you should be able to play them. Not only can they play on TV’s but they should play on almost any device that accepts MP4’s

Enjoying Home Videos
Little Boy watching converted film reels

Surely my old films from the 60’s are worn out ?

While film does degrade over time, you will be surprised at the quality of film from as long ago as even the 1960s and earlier! However, if you are worried about the current state of your film, you can unwind it and look at it through a light source. If you can make out the images on the film then they should be worth your 8mm film to digital. Click here to learn more


Deteriorating film

Example of film deterioration

8mm cine downsides


As a separate or additional service, we are able to scan individual images from your reels. This can be done to get pictures of loved ones that you might not have or to recover some content from severely damaged reels. Works best with close up images of faces


We will take your reel and run it through out sophisticated photo lab scanning system and select the best frames to be transformed into images

2. Photoshop enhancement

As an additional step, we can use Photoshop to colour correct and fix any issues with our scanned images, including scratches and other artifacts

3. AI enhancement

Finally as another optional step, we are able to use advanced AI technology to increase the fidelity of the faces in your photos


We have a service where we can repair your tapes. We will try and retrieve as much of your tape data as possible

Mould cleaning

If your tapes are dirty or covered in mould, we would be happy to clean them. It is best to not attempt this yourself as it can be dangerous


Some Other questions

Yes, you can get as many 8mm cine reels transferred as you need. We don’t only offer this service to individuals but we offer it to companies as wellmany times per second in order to create the illusion of motion. 

Yes, we perform the service for individuals and companies

We do offer express delivery as an option, otherwise it will take between 10 – 20 working days to convert your reels. This is to ensure that they meet our high quality standard

We can provide a USB as an additional part of the service or you can bring your own. If you do this, you just need to check that it has enough available space.

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We transfer the old films by using one of our projectors and projecting the film onto special screen that we record from. We then go through a tune up process where we fix the sharpness and contrast ,and other small details, to make them look as good as possible.

We have dedicated engineers and studio for Cine transfers. That’s why we are a trusted brand in South Africa. We maintain the integrity of the time period or era by placing each of your reels as a separate High Definition video file onto your USB. What a wonderful gift, what a fantastic way to share your incredible memories.

We also have a frame by frame capture system for archiving precious footage for use in TV documentaries. 

High Definition all  the way. We go through a tune up process to make sure the reels look as good as they possibly can, however the final result will largely depend on the current state of the film.

We can do this no problem! We convert 16mm reels as well as other types of conversions such as VHS and MiniDV (as well as many more)



We at Freeman productions love to bring peoples memories back. It brings us so much joy to be able to provide them with these lost moments So what are you waiting for? Get those old 8mm cine reels out of your storeroom and bring them into the digital age!

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