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Freeman Productions is here to make your next project shine with our fantastic voice over service

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Why this is important

Get the attention of your customers today with a professional voice over artist service



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the Scriptwriting process

No script? No problem! We have a professional scriptwriting process that will make the voice over process a breeze


Script voice over

Why use us

With over 25 years of industry experiance, your next voice over is in good hands


Sound recording

Do you have a video that needs professional voiceover work? Do you need your product or service advertised but lack the ability to write an engaging and captivativating script?

Sound recording

Do you wish there was a way to get your ideas transformed to a professional finalised voiceover product without the need for any existing video production knowledge? Well freeman Productions is here to get your message heard!

We provide more video production services ranging from safety & training videos to aerial photography and much more


Often overlooked

One of the most overlooked elements in the production process that can make or break your intended communication is the audio, namely - voiceover. Tone, texture, pitch and pace are all key elements of any audio production and when poorly executed it can leave your listeners running for earplugs or even worse, your competition.


Audio is just one of those things that people can tell when it is being done wrong, whether they understand why or not.

Your message is key

A well written script can make the difference between a sale and being ignored. This is something that needs to be done right

Microphone for voice over work

Years of experience

We have been doing this for years so we know exactly what works and what doesn't


We can work with you as much or as little as you like in getting your dream script and voice over done right


A well written and performed voice over will give your product or service that professional touch

Leave the scriptwriting to us

We can make words into magic

Script writing Johannesburg

When it comes to video production, details matter. In fact, they more than matter – they can absolutely define a project. Just as you painstakingly and purposefully pick location and lighting, just as you spend the time casting on-screen talent – you should also very carefully choose the perfect wording when writing a script. The right script can elicit emotion, inspire action, and communicate a message. In the same way, a badly written script can cause the very thing you want to promote to look undesirable and unprofessional.

At Freeman Productions we can offer scriptwriting as part of our voice over package. We have a professional scriptwriter that can work closely with you in order to make your vision a reality. This is done through an iterative process of writing and rewriting your script until everything is perfect! After this, our scriptwriter can work with you to create a shot list that can make filming your entire video a breeze!

Voice over script


Over 25 years of experience

5 star google reviews

Voice over trust


What a fantastic service - not only are the people super friendly and accommodating , they are brilliant in the product delivery. I will gladly use this service again.
Revan Naidoo
Wonderful, quick and efficient - thank you so much! Highly recommended
Marlise Sharrock
I came across Freeman Productions through a Google search, saw a 5 star rating and well I can say it is truly well deserved. They have a great manner, explained the process and timing and delivered accordingly.


Other questions you may have

We have an in house voiceover talent that will be able to record your voice over work professionally and in a timely manner. There are huge benefits to having our own in house voiceover talent as it allows us to easily change and update your voiceover work as need be. Do you have a project that would need constant updating over the years? This can be easily done with this method.

Another option would be to select from a range of talented voiceover personalities to read your script. Every part of this process is completely customisable!

We offer our service to any type of voiceover need you may have. But the best way to find out what we can do for you is to give is a call and have a chat! Some examples of our services are:

  • Infomercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentary or educational videos
  • Online advertisements
  • Radio advertisements
  • Software audio
  • Much much more!

While we work in english we offer our service to any language that you may need.

Our audio specialists have an experienced ear for great sound recordings and the uncanny ability to match the tone of the vocal talent with the intention of the script. We specialize in offering documentary film, corporate video and infomercial voiceover talents

Nails on a blackboard or the brush of silk. Which would your ears prefer?

At Freeman Productions in our 25+ years in the audio visual industry we have always strived for exceeding standards. After all, in exceeding our customers’ expectations we are able to better build relationships with them and relationships are the foundation of our business.



So what are you waiting for, give people the gift of good audio and a well written script. At Freeman productions we want to have your message heard as clearly and as eloquently as possible. So give your audience what they deserve and give them the Freeman Productions touch! Contact us today for all your voiceover and video production needs.

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