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Digital_betacam_SP_tape to digital

Betacam SP

Betacam SP, launched in 1980’s, was the superior format to Betacam. It uses metal-formulation tape and is able to run between 30 – 108 mins depending on whether it is NTSC or PAL. Our professional team can help to bring to life some of these old treasures.

Digital betacam broadcast tape conversion

Digital Betacam

In the 1990’s sony upgraded their Betacam and Betacam SP by producing the superior digital Betacam. That can run between 40 – 124 mins. This format was used for broadcast television. Convert this format to digital today with Freeman Productions

Betacam SX conversion

Betacam SX

Betacam sx was the cheaper format in comparison to digital betacam. They can range from 60 – 194 mins. Used for newsgathering, you won’t want to miss archiving this precious format.

DVCPRO Broadcast tape conversion


Created by Panasonic in 1995, the DVCPRO format is a professional use version of DV tapes. They were of a higher quality than regular DV tapes. Don’t let these tapes live and die in the 1990’s and get yours converted today! 

DVCAM Conversions broadcast


DVCAM was a sony creation in the mid-1990’s. It was a direct competitor to the DVCPRO. It too has the ability to lock audio to stop with out of sync issues. Get these  precious old recordings archived today with freeman productions professional broadcast conversion service! 

HDV tape convert


HDV was created in the early 2000s as a way to utilise the technology of DV tapes to record HD content. It was considered by many to be a high-quality solution at a relatively low cost. Freeman Productions can convert these tapes and more to digital.

Betacam SP deck for conversions

broadcast tapes

Do you have broadcast tapes from years and years back that you don’t know what to do with? They may be important but unusable now as you don’t have the equipment to play them anymore. You might be a director or producer with professionally shot libraries of tapes from series dating back many years. You may be from a major broadcast station or you may have even been involved with a smaller production

Betacam SP deck for conversions

If this problem sounds familiar then Freeman Productions is here to help. We can take your broadcast tapes and archive them for you in the digital format of your choice.


Once you have your converted VIDEO tapes, you can play them on almost any device!

DVCPRO broadcast deck

Our videos are encoded as MP4's

The global standard used for videos is MP4. All major manufacturers of digital media equipment utilise MP4 as a video playback format including Youtube. We usually convert tapes to MP4 but can also convert to avi , mpeg, quick time and mov formats. 

Why should you trust Freeman Productions

We understand the scepticism of trusting a company to convert your important broadcast tapes. We recommend looking at our 400 + 5-star google reviews written by other clients for a taste of our quality and professionalism.

Digital Betacam conversion deck

How are vhs tapes are converted to digital?


All of your broadcast tapes will be given a number so you can later look back to the physical broadcast tapes

Different machines for each job

We will match your tape to the right machine so we can get the best image we can out of them

Authoring your tapes

We trip the tapes to only include actual tape content. We are also able to edit the tapes if requested

Saved to storage

Once we are done, we can save the resultant file on the medium of your choice

How are vhs tapes are converted to digital?

HDV deck for conversions



Freeman Productions has been working in the video production industry for over 25 years now. We know broadcast format conversions are extremely hard to come by and Freeman Productions is here to offer you a professional service too archive your collection

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