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Freeman Productions is here to offer you a fantastic service where we can edit videos from corporate to personal and everything in-between

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Types of projects

We handle all types of project needs from corporate to personal and everything in between

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After Effects templates, stock footage and music

No matter what your needs are, we have thousands of images, sounds and after effects, templates to make your video shine!

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Powerful video editing

At Freeman productions we value editing as more than a simple way of putting shots together but as a way to tell a story, create a rhythm and to entice the viewer. In essence editing is an artform and it needs to be done right.

Editing is about losing yourself in the video.  More often than not editing must be felt rather than seen. You should never notice good editing, rather editing is about putting shots together in a way that is so natural and believable that you don’t even stop to think about how they got there.

Powerful video editing

Bad editing is noticeable, it takes you out of the experience and makes you aware that you are watching a collection of shots as opposed to one continuous movement.

At Freeman Productions, we understand the importance of good editing and we promise to keep these values close to our hearts when we edit your precious footage. So give someone the most precious gift you can give them, give them magic and order our professional editing service today!

We also offer other services that can make your next project perfect, from corporate video production to other fantastic services such as voice over and much more!

Types of projects

We work on all manner of video editing projects. One similarity with all productions is that we can use music, stock footage, transitions, titles, animations and After Effect templates (see below for more details) to bring the whole thing to life. Here are some examples of what we can do:

Corporate videos

If you have any corporate footage that needs to be edited together then we can assist. We can bring to life videos of client testimonials, videos of your product or any other corporate video editing need that you may have.


These can be done for celebrations such as the birthday of a loved one or for something as sombre as a funeral service. We do this by taking selections of pictures you have of the person in question and tastefully editing them together to make a beautiful slideshow.

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Children grow up so quickly. If you have many videos of your child growing up over the years and would like them all in one place so you can keep them close to your heart then we can help. We can combine your clips into a heartfelt video that you can keep with you forever. We can add as much or as little as you like to the video to make it as special as possible.

Other personal projects

Our video editing suites are also available for any other personal projects including student films, independent films, school productions, concerts and performances.


Freeman Productions were extremely professional and produced high quality work for us. We are very happy with them.
Daniel Rumbak
The Freeman Production team was an absolute pleasure to work with! They were all very accommodating, professional and pleasant. The quality of work is some of the best that I have seen. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellent work and an exceptional experience
Leon van wyk
Very friendly, professional and helpful staff and owners. A pleasure to deal with.
Angela Mansfield


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After Effects templates, stock footage and music

At Freeman Productions we have legal and paid access to one of the largest collections of stock footage, photos, After Effects templates and music in the world. What this means is that when you get your footage edited by us you get an enormous amount of customisation options as you get to choose from millions of additions to your video at very little cost to you.

After effects company Johannesburg

After Effects templates

Imagine it’s your daughters 21st birthday party. How lovely would it be if at the start of the day you play a video where you have pictures of her from birth to now majestically hanging off a tree or surrounded by flowers? This in essence is what an After Effects template is. It is a way to beautifully incorporate photos or videos into a video that will leave your viewers speechless.

Stock footage and images

If you need that little extra something in your video to give it that WOW factor then we have you covered with our stock footage and image libraries. We can add all sorts of clips and photos to your video. An example would be if you were making a video for a 21st birthday party and you want to include a section about how your child was able to conquer all odds then we can add clips of people cheering. This is just one example though, we have thousands and thousands of videos and photos to choose from!

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Sound design video editing Johannesburg company


When it comes to your video, it is your final say that matters. That gives you full creative control over the types of music you want for the video. You can bring your own music, you can ask us to find something for you or we can let you choose from the thousands of music tracks we have at the click of a button!


Other questions you may have

We use the adobe suite to make our productions. This includes Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition

Usually we export to MP4 formats but we can export to whatever supported format you require

Absolutely, we can work on all kinds of editing projects. If you have a unique project that has not been mentioned, contact us today for a consultation

Much like building a building, because all projects are different, the time it takes to complete each one will vary. Contact us for a consultation about your deadlines and project needs



So what are you waiting for? Give your next project that professional edge and make use of our professional editing services today!

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