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Our expert technicians work with advanced AI models in order to automate tasks that would have taken hours


We help you the whole way

From start to finish, Freeman Productions will make your life easier. You focus on your content, we will handle the rest.

Diagrams and animations

We can assist with the creation of animations and diagrams to help bring your videos to life


Welcome to Freeman Productions, where learning meets innovation. Our commitment to revolutionizing education is powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Our expert technicians harness the capabilities of advanced AI models to streamline tasks that used to take hours. Whether it’s generating concise bullet points or summarizing extensive textbooks, AI enhancement is at the core of what we do. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to efficiency.

At Freeman Productions, we understand that your journey is our priority. From the very beginning to the triumphant end, we’re here to provide unwavering support. As you focus on creating valuable content, leave the rest to us. Our seamless integration of AI-powered solutions ensures that you’re equipped with the tools needed to excel. Your success story is our mission.


Visual storytelling is a cornerstone of effective learning, and we’re here to elevate it. Our expertise extends to crafting dynamic diagrams and animations that breathe life into your educational videos. Through meticulous design and creative innovation, we enhance the visual appeal of your content. With Freeman Productions, your educational materials become engaging narratives that capture and hold the attention of learners.

Welcome to a new era of learning, powered by AI enhancement, comprehensive support, and captivating visual aids. Welcome to Freeman Productions.

Why should I use video?

AI-Powered Efficiency

Our engineers use advance prompting techniques with AI technology to automate time-consuming tasks like creating bullet points and summarising textbooks, saving you valuable hours for more important work.

Comprehensive Production

From inception to completion, our team provides support, allowing you to focus on content creation while we handle the technical intricacies

Reach a wider audience

The ease of online sharing and accessibility in e-learning simplifies the task of reaching students across various locations worldwide.

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Address various learning styles

Educational videos can accommodate diverse learning styles, contributing to students' understanding and retention of the content..

Save time

Through the provision of prerecorded materials that students can engage with at their preferred speed, educational videos have the potential to conserve both time and resources.

Creativity and innovative thinking

Utilisng educational videos can offer an engaging and inventive method for delivering lessons, sparking creative thinking among learners, and cultivating an environment of creativity and innovation within the classroom.


Step 1: Scripting

The first step in creating an e-learning video is writing the script. This requires selecting the key concepts and subjects that must be covered and drafting a well-organized script that presents the information in an engaging and understandable way. Our engineers are able to assist you with AI, to tweak your script and speed up the script-writing process. We also can use AI to make any relevant bullet points.

Step 2: Recording

After the script has been polished, the video can be recorded. Any recorded material that appears in the videos can be this. This includes any necessary voice recordings, complete camera recordings, and screen recordings. If assistance is required, we have a chroma key studio right here.

Step 3: Editing

Any bullet point titles are created during the editing process, which also shapes the final product. Editing the recorded elements to include any bulletpoints, learning material cutaways, diagrams, etc. is part of this process.

Step 4: Viewing

We will send the finished video to you for approval once we have finished it. The video can now be corrected if necessary, after which it will be shown to your students.

The process

The power of visual learning

Schoolgirl using laptop while e-learning on a class in the classroom.

Transforming education through the power of video.

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A new way to learn: engaging, effective, and always accessible.

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Bringing learning to life


Freeman Productions' entire team are the consummate professionals, an absolute pleasure to work with, produce phenomenal results, and all with a smile!
Kayla Ginsberg
Freeman Productions are creative and talented videographers with a keen eye for detail. Our client spent several hours working alongside them on an important video shoot that exceeded our expectations, both in pre-production and the final product. We are grateful for the cooperation and are pleased with the result of working together. We will definitely contact him again
Malcolm Tonkin
The Freeman Productions team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their service is professional, friendly, helpful, and I was kept updated along the way.
Tanya Hryvenko


Freeman productions has edited many hundreds of hours of educational content throughout the years

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We can take a script and summarize the key ideas of the video in easy-to-read bullet points. By organizing the script into bullet points, we can make the material for the viewer more aesthetically pleasing and easily readable. Additionally, bullet points can aid in better information retention by organizing and clearly presenting the information. No matter if you’re creating an explainer video, training module, or marketing piece, we can work with you to turn your script into an engaging and informative educational video.


While creating your e-learning video, our team of professionals can use AI technologies in any point during the production of the video. Popular uses include: the assistance of the script creating process, creating summerised bullet points and creating custom imagery. Our team has spent many hours learning the craft of prompt engineering in order to speed up the production time.

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Other questions you may have

We can create e-leaqrning videos on any topic or style that you may need. We can discuss your needs in order to construct videos that best match your content

We do not work on the specific educational content. We do however assist with taking existing learning material and summarising it into bullet points or similar formats if your project requires this. Our trained engineers use various tools such as AI to accomplish this

The cost of creating an educational video depends on the length, complexity, and style of the video. Contact us today for a quote

Yes, we can include your branding in the video, such as your logo and color scheme.

This will depend on the nature of the video. Contact us with details about your project so we can provide guidance


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to improve the effectiveness and engagement of your educational content. Freeman Productions is committed to providing high-quality video production services to support your goals and is passionate about education. We have the knowledge and experience to transform your ideas into effective visual content, whether you’re a teacher or a content creator. To find out more about how we can help you improve your educational options and connect with your audience in fresh and engaging ways, get in touch with us right away.

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