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Over the years Freeman Productions have spent thousands of hours editing hundreds of hours of educational lecture videos

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Easy to understand

With the power of video, even the most complicated topics can be simplified tosomething easily understood.

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At Freeman Productions, we know that education is one of the most powerful tools in building a better tomorrow. That is why we are committed to assisting educators and subject matter experts in bringing their lessons to life through top-notch instructional videos. We collaborate with you to create engaging video content from your existing curricula and expertise that draws viewers in and aids in students’ academic success.

Electronic learning

Our video production team is made up of talented experts with a focus on making educational videos. We are familiar with the special difficulties involved in developing educational content that is both informative and engaging because we have experience working with educators and subject matter experts from a variety of fields. We use the most up-to-date video production methods and tools to ensure that your videos sound and look their best. With the help of our expert video production services, you can concentrate on what you do best — producing educational content — and leave the technical aspects to us.

Why should I use video?

Increase engagement

In comparison to conventional teaching methods, educational videos are a more effective way to hold students' attention and aid in information retention.

Enhance learning outcomes

By presenting information in a way that is simple to understand and remember, educational videos have been shown in studies to improve learning outcomes.

Reach a wider audience

Online sharing and accessibility of educational videos makes it simple to reach students in many different places throughout the world

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Cater to different learning styles

Different learning styles can be catered for in educational videos, which can aid in students' comprehension and memory of the material.

Save time and resources

By giving students access to pre-recorded material that they can watch at their own pace, educational videos can save time and resources

Foster creativity and innovation

Educational videos can be an engaging and innovative way to teach material, inspire learners to think creatively, and promote creativity and innovation in the classroom.


Step 1: Scripting

Writing a script is the first step in producing an educational video. This entails determining the essential ideas and subjects that must be covered and creating an organised script that presents the material in an interesting and clear manner. We can work with you in this process to make your educational content work well with the video format

Step 2: Recording

Recording the video comes after the script has been polished. This can be any recorded content that may go into the videos. This includes any voice recordings, full camera recordings and screen recordings that may be needed. We have a chroma key studio in house to assist with this if it is needed.

Step 3: Editing

The editing process is where any bullet point titles are created and the finished product gets formed. This includes taking the recorded elements and editing them together with any bulletpoints, learning materical cutaways diagrams etc.

Step 4: Viewing

Once we are done with the video, we will send it over to you for approval. We can make any corrections to the video at this point and then it can be distributed to your students.

The process

The power of visual learning

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Transforming education through the power of video.

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A new way to learn: engaging, effective, and always accessible.

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Bringing learning to life


Freeman Productions' entire team are the consummate professionals, an absolute pleasure to work with, produce phenomenal results, and all with a smile!
Kayla Ginsberg
Freeman Productions are creative and talented videographers with a keen eye for detail. Our client spent several hours working alongside them on an important video shoot that exceeded our expectations, both in pre-production and the final product. We are grateful for the cooperation and are pleased with the result of working together. We will definitely contact him again
Malcolm Tonkin
The Freeman Productions team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their service is professional, friendly, helpful, and I was kept updated along the way.
Tanya Hryvenko


Freeman productions has edited many hundreds of hours of educational content throughout the years

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We can take a script and turn it into simple-to-read bullet points that highlight the main points of the video. We are able to make the content more visually appealing and digestible for the viewer by breaking the script down into bullet points. Additionally, by presenting the information in a clear and structured manner, bullet points can help the viewer retain it better. We can work with you to transform your script into an interesting and useful educational video, whether you’re making an explainer video, training module, or marketing piece.


When making educational videos that need to convey a lot of information quickly, our teleprompter service is an invaluable resource. Your script can be shown on a screen in front of the presenter using our teleprompter service, allowing them to read it while keeping eye contact with the camera. Without using cue cards or memorization, the presenter can deliver their lines more confidently and fluidly.
This is crucial for educational videos, where precision and clarity are essential.
Your educational video will be delivered with accuracy and professionalism if you use our teleprompter service, making it simpler for your audience to comprehend and interact with the material.

Teleprompter for educational video


Other questions you may have

We can create educational videos on any topic or style that you may need. We can discuss your needs in order to construct videos that best match your content

We do not work on the specific educational content. We do however assist with taking existing learning material and summarising it into bullet points or similar formats if your project requires this

The cost of creating an educational video depends on the length, complexity, and style of the video. Contact us today for a quote

Yes, we can include your branding in the video, such as your logo and color scheme.

This will depend on the nature of the video. Contact us with details about your project so we can provide guidance



You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to improve the effectiveness and engagement of your educational content. Freeman Productions is committed to providing high-quality video production services to support your goals and is passionate about education. We have the knowledge and experience to transform your ideas into effective visual content, whether you’re a teacher or a content creator. To find out more about how we can help you improve your educational options and connect with your audience in fresh and engaging ways, get in touch with us right away.

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