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Whether you need to document your wedding day or bring that level of professionalism to any event, Freeman Productions, a Johannesburg based company, has got you covered! Freeman Productions has years of experience making professionally crafted Jewish wedding videos.

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Elegant… Stylish simplicity and creative…

When preparing for your special day there are so many things to consider, your venue, flowers, menu, music etc. Planning a Wedding takes time and effort, so wouldn’t you want remember everything on the day as it happened, forever. Our professionally shot and masterfully edited Jewish wedding videos will enable you to relive your wedding day for years to come

videographer for Jewish wedding

Only the very best, is what you should expect from your Wedding Video. At Freeman Productions our philosophy regarding all our Wedding packages over the last 25 years is simple… to give you the very best from the word go…all Wedding videos are therefore produced to the same rigorous and detailed level of excellence.


We know video

The difference between a well-done and a poorly done wedding videography can be spotted by someone with no video experience. If the sound is not well recorded and mixed, it will be difficult to hear. If the camera person does not know about lighting and exposure, it will look awkward. Finally, if your video is not edited properly, it will feel off

OVER 25 YEARS of Experience

All these reasons are why it is extremely important to have your wedding videography done by professional videographers as opposed to a friend or family member that may not have the experience. With over 25 years in the video production industry, we can offer that experience.

The right equipment

You can be rest assured that when you hire Freeman Productions for your next wedding or event, you are not only hiring experienced videographers but the best quality equipment. From filming to lighting and editing, we have you covered!

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With hundreds of Jewish wedding videography projects under our belts, Freeman Productions have been able to obtain a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Our reputation can clearly be seen with our many positive reviews on google maps

Looks Great

We have various beautifully designed and professionally created “looks and feels” for your video to match your taste and style of function. All artwork from these “looks and feels” have been custom designed and hand animated.


We understand that on your wedding day the last thing you want is to feel obtruded in any way. This is why our videographers are trained to get that perfect shot while staying very unobtrusive to ensure a seamless magical experience. You wont even notice our presents


Jewish wedding videography that is elegant, stylish, and cinematic. Please give us a call to find out more for your wedding or event video.

The editing process

Not only do we shoot your videos, but all of the videos we do go through an extensive editing process where we carefully mix sound and picture in order to create the perfect final video for you. Our cinematic approach involves selecting the best shots we have and combining them with well-mixed sound. We will craft and hone your video to an extreme level of quality. This process takes countless of hours owing to the high standards of production we strive for at Freeman Productions! For more information click here for a detailed explanation of the video editing process.

The editing process

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Freeman Productions were amazing to work with. They were calm and relaxed throughout. Presented us with highlights just a few weeks after the wedding. A pleasure to work them.
Stacey Sinclair
The team was patient and easygoing, they got excellent shots of all the perfect moments. Somehow they managed to be everywhere at once as well, and they've given us amazing memories of a great day.
Nurit and Austin
A pleasure to deal with. Trustworthy, accomodating and highly professional. I used them for my wedding and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thank you Freeman productions!
Gavriel Perelman
They were organized and accommodating, especially during the uncertainty of our Covid wedding. We’re so happy with the final result. Thank you! Don't look anywhere else - these are the guys to use
Nurit and Austin
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Videographer Recording Event

What is live event video streaming?

Live event video streaming is a service that Freeman Productions offers for companies or individuals who need their next big event to be streamed live. We will come with professional cameramen , and engineers and live stream your video event in HD to Youtube or Zoom or both!

We supply the modems, data and technical knowledge as well as the production crew to facilitate the live HD stream.

Sounds great, so how does it work?

The service works by taking the output of the video footage and streaming it over the internet. This can be done in one of two ways. We can either stream it on the largest video sharing platform, YouTube, which would allow you to have a limitless audience from all around the world. The other option would be to use our own personal server for added customisation options.

Video Editing services


Whether you need to document your wedding day or bring that level of professionalism to any event, Freeman Productions has got you covered!


A glass of wine and a wrapped glass sit on a table for a Jewish wedding

Our professionally shot and masterfully edited videos will enable you to relive your wedding day for years to come…

Jewish Wedding Video to perfection

Our philosophy is simple… to give you the very best from the word go

Jewish Wedding Dress for videoo

You won’t regret it!


Some Other questions

If you are interested at getting a sample of the work we have made, we recommend that you take a look at our YouTube channel where we post highlights of our wedding and event films!

When you have an event or wedding that needs to be filmed the first step is to give us a call, we would love to chat about your big day and all the things we can do for you. After this, you can organise a meeting with us where you can visit our beautiful office in Glenhazel and we can talk about all your desires. Once this has been done, that’s it for your part, you can leave the rest to us!

Yes! We can offer a feature, when you use our personal server, that can allow for customised usernames and passwords. This will allow only the people you want to be able to watch your live stream.

The quality of the livestream can be as high as the video source but because of video compression and the internet speed of the user watching the video, the final result will vary. It will also depend on what the internet speed is at the event. This is true for all streaming services and we can guarantee that the stream will be as high quality as it possibly can be!

We provide our service to all types of events! Here is a list of some of the most common of events:

  • Corporate event videography
  • Wedding cinematography
  • Conferences
  • Celebrations
  • Videos of product launches
  • Dinners
  • Fashion shows
  • Sports Days
  • So much more!

Freeman productions can handle all your media production needs from video conversions to video production



So drop all of that stress, we have you covered. We at Freeman Productions consistently strive to exceed expectations. Please give us a call so we can assist you with all your wedding and event production needs!

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