Conversion ad-on service


Freeman Productions is proud to present a fantastic way to enhance clips from your tapes after using one of our many conversion services (this is an additional service)

Video up scaling

Our AI-powered video upscaling service can enhance the quality and sharpness of your footage, transforming it into stunning high-resolution visuals. This is an aditional service to our conversion service and results depend on the quality of the original tape 

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Revive your black and white footage with our exceptional colourisation service. Our team of experts utilises advanced AI algorithms and can bring vibrant colours to your videos, breathing new life into every frame.


Seeing is believing

Using the power of AI and our engineers to upscale your video is worth seeing! We can even upscale your video to 4k!


Welcome to Freeman Productions, the premier destination for AI-powered video enhancement services. This service is a fantastic ad-on to our regular conversion services that allows for enhancement of your favorite clips from your tapes. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and skilled human engineers, we specialise in transforming your videos into something new. At Freeman Productions, we understand the sentimental value of your cherished memories captured on video. Whether you’re looking to enhance the quality of your vintage tapes or bring vibrant colors to black and white footage, our team of experts is here to breathe new life into every frame.

With the power of advanced AI algorithms and our commitment to preserving the authenticity of your original content, we offer video upscaling (using face recognition technology) and black and white colorisation services. Experience the magic of our transformative processes as we unlock hidden details.

Why should I use this service

Professional Colorisation

Our expert team utilizes advanced AI algorithms to breathe vibrant colors into your black and white footage, bringing them to life like never before


Restore your tapes to a higher quality that would not have been possible in the days they were recorded

Face Recognition Technology

Our AI-powered system recognises and enhances facial features in your videos, ensuring that the important moments and expressions are beautifully highlighted.

Upscale to HD or 4K

Transform your low-resolution videos into stunning high-definition or even 4K resolution. Our upscaling technology enhances the details and sharpness of your footage

Nostalgic Preservation

Safeguard your cherished memories for generations to come by digitizing and enhancing your VHS tapes or other outdated formats. Enjoy them on modern devices and share them with ease.


Treat your friends and family with the greatest gift you can give them, your memories upscaled and enhanced

How do you upscale tapes

Labelling process

In order to avoid confusion, the first step that we perform is a labeling process. This is where all of your tapes get labelled so they can be retconned when collected. This process is done if you need us to capture the physical tapes


If your tapes need to be captures your tapes will be connected to a pc and captured using sophisticated software


Here is where the magic happens. Our team of engineers will use sophisticated AI technology to increase the quality of your tape (or colourise your reels)


Finally, we will copy the file/files to a device of your choice. It’s as easy as that.

How do you upscale tapes


Portrait of baby girl with bunny ears

Now that you have your enhanced videos, you can give them to all your friends and family

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We actually advise doing this because it increases the likelihood that your tapes will last forever.

child in gray pajamas rides a rocking horse against the backdrop of a Christmas tree and a modern

Simply copy and paste the video files!


I came across Freeman Productions conversions through a Google search, saw a 5 star rating and well I can say it is truly well deserved. They have a great manner, explained the process and timing and delivered accordingly. I’m sitting watching memories that I didn’t know I had. Thank you Freeman Productions for your amazing service!
Besa Ruele
Freeman Productions is absolutely brilliant. The quality of their workmanship is top notch. Will recommend them to everyone.
Jessica Joubert
I am flabbergasted by the professionalism, proficiency, time efficiency of Freeman Productions for helping me restore the most treasured moments that have long been snubbed...this VHS conversion will live on for posterity. Many thanks to Team Freeman Productions on their magnificent job.
Thami Hadebe



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Where can I play my newly enhanced tapes?

Your converted tapes can be viewed on almost anything! On your PC or Mac, you can easily view them by opening. The tape can then be copied onto a smartphone or tablet. Even a TV with a USB port can be used to watch your tapes!

How long can the enhancement be

Because of the extremely advanced technology used in restoring your tapes, we are currently working on shorter length clips. We can discuss your specific requirements and budget

Tv and chill





Other questions you may have

Currently we are working on a tape by tape basis. You can contact us for your specific needs

Yes, we enhance for companies and individuals alike

You can bring your own storage or we can provide you with one. 

You can contact us for a quote

Normally we take between 10 – 20 working days. Express delivery as an option



Embrace the future of video enhancement with Freeman Productions. We are passionate about preserving your precious memories and transforming them into captivating visual experiences. With our blend of advanced AI technology and the expertise of our skilled team, we offer colorisation, face recognition, and upscaling services. Trust us to enhance the quality, authenticity, and beauty of your videos, allowing you to relive cherished moments with a renewed sense of joy and nostalgia. Contact us today and embark on a journey to elevate your videos to new heights.

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