VHS TAPE Conversions


VHS TAPE Conversions


Freeman Productions is a Johannesburg company here to offer you a fantastic service where we can convert your old VHS tapes to digital formats

Convert VHS to digital or USB

We go through a conversion process where we take your VHS tapes and transfer them to a form of digital storage

NTSC & PAL conversions

Have an NTSC tape from overseas? No problem! We convert both PAL and NTSC tapes


Tape repair and mold removal

If your tapes are broken or covered in mold, we offer a service where we can repair and clean your tapes


You know that box of old video tapes you have in your garage gathering dust? Contained within them could be your daughter’s piano recital, your first holiday abroad or even your wedding day. As modern technology progresses at an ever-increasing rate, we are slowly losing touch with these memories captured on a now almost extinct format. Most households have no way to view these old video tapes, leaving them forgotten and lost to time. Don’t let those precious moments disappear.

Freeman Productions offers a fantastic VHS to digital service that can convert VHS tapes to a digital video files that can be saved and played on a computer, TV and other modern devices. Each tape is professionally captured and formatted using equipment that is extremely hard to come across in the modern era. We can also convert VHS-C tapes as well as many other formats!

Why should I convert my VHS to digital?

plays on anything

It is becoming increasingly hard to find old VCR machines


VHS Tapes can get damaged form the elements
and loose their quality

Lasts forever

Digital formats can potentially last forever

relive your memories

There is no feeling like watching back
long forgotten moments

Save your memories online

Once your tapes have been converted,
they can be saved on the internet or edited into something new

share your videos

You can share your memories
with your friends and family

How are vhs tapes are converted to digital?


All of your videos will be assigned a number so you can refer back to the physical tapes when we are done

Best possible image

In our studio, we have many different VCR machines, this means that we are able to give your video tape the best quality it can get


Each tape goes through a sophisticated authoring process that removes all unwanted information and makes it look as good as possible

Saved to storage

Once we are done, the tapes are saved to a storage medium of your choice

How are vhs tapes are converted to digital?


Once your tapes have been converted, you can copy and share them as much as you want

vhs to dvd Wedding

We recommend that you make copies and backups of your converted tapes when you get home. This will help ensure that your memories do not get lost.

It’s a simple as copying and pasting the video files. 


Had a great experience with Freeman Productions. Anthony was very friendly and welcoming. They helped me convert all my old VHS tapes, and did a great job.
Terrence Koch
I would highly recommend Freeman Productions. They converted an old VHS cassette to mp4. Service was really amazing. They were in constant contact with me throughout the process. The quality of the conversion was really good and represented good value for money. I would highly recommend using them.
Ebrahim Jogee
It is wonderful to deal with people who are passionate in what they do and provide outstanding professional service.
Bestech QSC


Downsides to VHS


Once you have your converted VIDEO tapes, you can play them on almost any device!

Our videos are encoded as MP4's

The worldwide standard CODEC for video files is MP4. Every major manufacturer of media equipment uses MP4 as a playback format including Youtube, the worlds 2nd largest search engine. We convert your tapes to MP4 but having said that , we are able to also convert your video tapes to other well known formats including  avi , mpeg, quick time and mov formats. 

What about my TV or phone?

Because MP4 is such a universal standard, you should be able to play your file on almost any computer, phone, smart TV or other digital device


5 star google reviews

NTSC Tapes


We can convert both Pal and NTSC tapes.

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) and NTSC (National Television System Committee) are the names of two VHS formats. Tapes from Europe, Australia, some of Asia and South Africa use the PAL format , whereas NTSC tapes are from the United States of America and Canada.



Tape repair

At Freeman Productions we have a special tape repair service. We can mend a broken tape or the plastic VHS casing

Mold cleaning

We also offer a service where we can clean dirt and mold off of your tapes. It is highly advisable that you do not attempt this yourself as it can be quite dangerous


Other questions you may have

Not at all, you can bring as many tapes as you need to be converted, just as long as they can all fit on the storage.

Yes, we convert libraries of tapes for companies and individuals alike

You can either bring your own USB flash drive/portable HDD or we can provide you with one. You will, however, need to make sure that you have enough capacity on your drive to be able to store all your tapes.

Contact us today to get a quote

The service on average takes 10 – 20 working days. Express delivery is available on request

Yes, we transfer VHS-C tapes! We work with all types of other media too, from 8mm cine reels to vinyl conversions Freeman Productions is your one stop shop for all media conversion needs.



At Freeman Productions we take great pride in providing people with a new way to view their lost memories and allowing them to be relived forever. We hope that our service can bring you joy and security knowing that your beloved moments can be seen, loved and shared for generations to come.

Watching VHS Tapes with Popcorn
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