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Freeman Productions is here to offer you a fantastic service where we can put you anywhere in the world with a click of a button

Green Screen Studio

Why do I need a green sceen studio?

Green screen studio videos can put you anywhere in the universe for a fraction of the cost


The benefits of using a teleprompter

Get through your next script ion a breeze with our teleprompter service

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Why choose us

From conception to production and beyond, Freeman Productions handles it all!


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If you are in the need to make a video presentation, are thinking of adding an audio visual component to your educational videos, need to advertise your company but don’t have the budget to travel to exotic locations or suffer from a similar problem then you have arrived in the right place!

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Freeman Productions is here to help with our professional Green screen studio & Teleprompter services. We can help you make that exciting video presentation, or educational video or even put you anywhere in the world with the click of a button!

We also offer video editing as well as a wide variety of other video production services

Why you need OUR green screen studio

You can be anywhere

With the power of a green screen, your background could be anything making the options limitless


If you need to advertise your company but the office building is in another part of the country, this is no problem for a green screen. All we need is some footage of the room you want to appear to be in and we can make it look like it’s your natural background without anyone noticing the difference.


If you need to make a video presentation but would like the bullet points or images to appear around you, we can easily put you directly in front of your presentation!

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Cost effective

You will save thousands on travel costs when we film everything in our studio and use computer magic to place you wherever you need to be

Quick and easy

With your script loaded up in our teleprompter, you will be able to speed through your production in a fraction of the time


In order to give your next production that professional edge, a green screen shoot and quality edit can propel you to the next level in a stylish and sleek finish


Breeze through your next script

Green screen


A teleprompter is a type of device that allows a speaker to read through an entire script without having to memorise any lines. The device is placed next to the camera so that when the speaker is reading from the teleprompter, they appear to be looking directly into the camera. This gives the impression of eye contact allowing the whole process to feel more natural. The speaker also has a remote in their hand which allows them to change the speed of the scrolling text to a comfortable level. 

The benefits of using a teleprompter

The benefits of using a teleprompter are great. They allow the speaker to be able to record many different clips (or even one very long one), without needing to learn lines. This is much more efficient as it allows more to be recorded in a day and it means that changes can be made in the script without confusion or forgetfulness. For more reasons why you should use a green screen & teleprompter, click here.

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Quality Matters


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Anthony and his team is absolutely brilliant. The quality of their workmanship is top notch. Will recommend them to everyone .
Jessica Joubert
The team was excellent.Anthony and Michelle run a very professional operation and the quality of the service was exceptional. Would highly recommend working with them!
Brett Dembo
Freeman Productions were extremely professional and produced high quality work for us. We are very happy with them.
Daniel Rumbak



Other questions you may have

When you arrive at Freeman Productions, we can discuss how you want your video to look and feel. We have a professional script writer that will work with you in order to create the best script for your video. The script has two columns, one that dictates the contents of the script and the other that refers to the visual content that will go with each line. Once this script has been refined, the video equipment is set up and the subject is recorded in the green screen studio. We then use the script to edit your video to your exact and personalized specifications!

We provide this service to companies and individuals alike

Have you ever watched the weather and wondered how they got the weatherman to stand in front of an animated map of the country? Well this, in essence, is the green screen effect. A Green screen is a type of effect in the audio visual industry called a chroma key. It works by putting a subject in front of a green background and filming them. Once this has been done, the footage is imported into a type of editing software that is able to recognise the difference between the green background and the subject. After tweaking this effect to the point where the green has completely disappeared, we are able to replace the background with anything we want. This allows us to put the subject in outer space, on a mountain range or anywhere else!

Because every project is different the requirements need to be catered to your needs. Contact us today for a quote



Streamline the whole process of video production today and let freeman Productions soar your video to new heights with our green screen studio & teleprompter service!

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