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Training and safety videos

Training and safety video Production

Save days and get the job done fast

Freeman Productions is here to offer you a fantastic service where we can create captivating and informative training and safety videos

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Safety videos

We can create these fantastic safety instructional videos
that will explain all necessary safety information
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Training videos

Need to train your staff fast? Do it the right way
with an efficiently crafted training video
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Save time

With our professional training and safety videos, your company will save days


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Training and safety videos

Training new employees can be such a glutton of time, money and other resources. You have to take productive work hours out to train your new staff on the intricacies of your company when that time could be used much more usefully elsewhere. It would be much more cost efficient to streamline and digitise the whole process.

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If you are suffering from this issue then Freeman Production can help you with our employee training and safety videos. We can create a video for your business that can train employees about the fundamentals of your company without the hassle of dedicating time and money every time new staff are hired.

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The benefits of training and safety videos?

save you time and money

The videos can achieve this by allowing you to perform the training only once (while updating as needed) as opposed to devoting resources to training your staff every time new people are hired.

Less mistakes

With a prerecorded message, the contant will be right every time

Easy to set up

Simply play the video. It's that easy

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Tried and tested

Many companies throughout the world
have adopted this methodology of training

Full control

You have the full control of changing any aspect of these videos

Remote learning

These videos can be played and used remotly


How the videos are made


The first step in manufacturing a training or safety video is the conceptualising process. We do this by talking with you about your needs and visions for the video.

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Script writer

When this has been done, you will consult our professional script writer that will work with you to draft the script for the video. Once the script has been agreed upon, a shot list will be incorporated into the script and we can begin shooting.


This step will depend on your particular needs but we have many tools at your disposal such as the ability to capture content directly from a computer if your training is software based or even drone shots if need be. We can then record any voice overs that may need to be recorded.

Professional camera lens for training videos
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Finally the video is edited allowing us to add any stock footage, after effects templates or music that you may want to add to the video. Finally, we are able to update your training videos as needed.

What are Safety Videos ?

Safety videos work in a similar way to training videos as they can be used to educate employees or members of the public on safety requirements.

Male architect in a safety west and a hardhat writing on his cli


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How training videos are used

You can implement your training videos in a variety of different ways. They can be played on multiple PC’s,allowing you to train many people at once. The videos can also be installed on tablets or even saved over the internet allowing easy access to the training videos.

Software training

We can use screen recording software to record instructional videos that can teach people how to use a particular software. We can combine this with voice overs or green screen recordings (see our Green screen Studio & Teleprompter service) to expertly and professionally train your staff on how to use a particular program. The benefits to this approach is that, unlike with live instruction, the videos can be played multiple times allowing the trainee to rewatch the video as they use the software themselves. This, “seeing and doing” method will allow for a much faster rate of learning

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Other questions you may have

Training videos are extremely beneficial over traditional training methods as they will save you time and money. They can achieve this by allowing you to perform the training only once (while updating as needed) as opposed to devoting resources to training your staff every time new people are hired. You can train multiple people at the same time and the trainee can work at their own pace allowing for better knowledge retention.

You can use this service to train up your employees in a fraction of the time that it would have taken. This can be used to teach:

  • Computer tasks
  • Workflows
  • Safety instructions
  • Company policies
  • Much more



So throw away the old caveman way of training and safety instruction and get with the future. Save money. Save time. Go digital!

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