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vinyl record to mp3

Convert Your LP to digital

We can convert your vinyl to mp3, allowing them to play on your favorite digital devices!

Stack of vinyl records to be transfered

Why Should I convert my vinyl to mp3

While LPs may have been the hottest thing in their day, they unfortunately will degrade over time

Vinyl Record to mp3 Johannesburg

You can trust us

With many so many fantastic reviews, you can trust us with your precious vinyl records

Vinyl to mp3


Picture this: it’s a warm and lazy Sunday afternoon. You have the day to yourself, so you get a drink and lounge on the couch. Everything is perfect. All you need now is some music, so go get out your favourite LP, walk over to your stereo and… Wait it’s the 21st century and you have no way to play it!

Vinyl to mp3

Don’t throw away your drink just yet because Freeman productions has you covered! We offer a service that can transfer your LPs into the modern age, allowing those old favourites to live on forever! We also convert audio cassette and reel to reel tapes

Why should I transfer my vinyl to mp3?


LPs can lose their quality from both being played regularly and from the elements

Expensive to play

LP machines are a rather costly investment when you can simply have them transferred to digital

Digital will last

When you convert your vinyl to mp3 they will no longer degrade

Vinyl record for conversion in high quality

Save your LPs online

Do you have a special , one of a kind, LP that was recorded by a family member that you wish you could share with the world? Once you have converted your LPs you can share on the internet!

Relive your music

There is nothing like hearing that song that you haven't heard for many years

Share with everyone

You can share these converted LPs with all of your friends and family


Outstanding service by the team at Freeman Productions. Friendly , fast and efficient. Highly recommendv
Muaaz Yunus Omar
Great service. Excellent prices/deals. Would definitely recommend Freeman Productions.
Dovi Friedman
Friendly and expert service. I recommend Freeman Productions without any hesitation. Great doing business with them.
John Quy
Freeman Productions were professional and pleasant. Thank you for the life sharing memories 🙂 wishing you all the best for your future endeavors
Sean Drishner


Vinyl as mp3

You can share your vinyl to mp3 conversions with anyone you wish!

Old record archived to mp3

We recommend you back up your transferred LPs regularly. This will effectively allow them to last forever!

Vinyl music digitised to USB

Its so easy, just copy and paste the files



The first step is to carefully lable all your LPs, this will help you identify the audio files to the physical media later


The next step is to plug in a special piece of equipment that allows us to interface a record player into a PC. We then record the record, making note of any jumps or hiccups that we can try to fix later


Then we will go into the audio file of the record and try to iron out any skipping we can find. We also just the levels, remove any empty space, and make any other adjustments that may be necessary.

Copied to Storage

Finally, we will copy the files to a storage device of your choosing

How are LP's converted to mp3

convert vinyl to mp3


Headphones and vinyl to mp3

We feel your pain

Fantastic reviews


You’r LPs should play great on almost anything

What format do my Audio cassette tapes get converted to?

We convert all our LPs to an MP3 format which should allow you to play them on almost any audio playing device. We can also convert to WAV (or any other format) at request.

Vinyl player and long play or LP record with copy space as digital filer
Hybrid ear-buds on the LP vinyl record digitised

My LP is very old, can I still transfer it?

Almost certainly! You will be surprised at the quality of LPs from even decades ago. While we can’t guarantee that the quality of the LP will be good, we can say that from experience it normally is.


Three 12-inch vinyl records with blank label isolated on mp3.



questions YOU MAY HAVE

As many as you want! This service is for both personal or commercial groups.

Absolutely! For individuals and organisations alike, we are here for you!

This will depend on the LP’s current quality although we can denoise particularly noisey LP’s.

This will depend on the LP’s current quality although we can denoise particularly noisey LP’s.

Please contact us for a quote

Normally it will take anywhere between 10 – 20 working days. If you request it, however, we can do an express delivery

We can do audio cassette tapes and reel to reel conversions. We also offer film, video and photo conversions which will allow you to convert your old VHS, 8mm cine reels, slides and many other formats



So put your drink in the fridge, come on by and get those LPs transferred and claim your afternoon back! We at Freeman productions take great pride in providing our customers a way to reclaim their lost memories!

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