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Live event streaming Johannesburg

Your front row seat at the click of a link


Freeman Productions offers a fantastic Live event streaming service right here in Johannesburg

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Watch from around the world

No matter if you need our services for business or pleasure, Freeman productions is here to get your event global!

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Crisp and clean

Get your event streamed in the highest possible quality and with the greatest clarity


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Give everyone a change to join

Not everyone can be there with you at your big event. Give people that can’t attend your event the premium experience

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Live event streaming Johannesburg

You have an event that is filled to capacity and you trying to reach a large audience but you just don’t have the space to accommodate everyone. You may have people from around the country or world that need to see your event in a way that is convenient to them.

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 If this all just seem like an impossible task to fix you don’t need to give up because there is an answer with Freeman Production’s live event streaming service!

We also offer live multi-cam productions and other video production services



The convenience of being able to send out a link to your event will save you headaches

Reach thousands

Your event can be seen by thousands of people

Save money

Save money on travel costs and seating when people can watch your event from the comfort of their own homes

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People can watch your event from anywhere in the world!


If you prefer, only the people you allow will have access to your livestream


Your viewers will find it so easy to watch your event, just a few clicks and they are there!



And we are live

The service works by taking the output of the video footage and streaming it over the internet. This can be done in one of two ways. We can either stream it on the largest video sharing platform, YouTube, which would allow you to have a limitless audience from all around the world. The other option would be to use our own personal server for added customisation options

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Livestream password

Public or private

We can offer a feature, when you use our personal server, that can allow for customised usernames and passwords. This will allow only the people you want to be able to watch your live stream.


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Fast and good quality streaming from anywhere with internet

Global Livestream Joberg

Whether you’re streaming to social or producing an event streamed around the world, our hardware and software are designed to make you look like a pro.

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When you want to watch, it’s as easy as clicking a link.


Other questions you may have

The quality of the livestream can be as high as the video source but because of video compression and the internet speed of the user watching the video, the final result will vary. It will also depend on what the internet speed is at the event. This is true for all streaming services and we can guarantee that the stream will be as high quality as it possibly can be!

In order for the livestream to be as good as it possibly can be, we require an internet speed of at least 4 – 10 Mbps. This will depend on the resolution and the framerate that you want the video to be but it is a good rule of thumb to have a fast internet speed to avoid any potential issues.

We provide our service to all types of events! Here is a list of some of the most common of events:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Large Festivals or fairs
  • Corporate events
  • Dinners
  • Conferences
  • Sports Days
  • So much more!



Freeman productions prides itself in delivering excellence to our customers and with our live streaming service we make no exception. So what is stopping you? Get your event the publicity it deserves and live stream it today!

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