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Vintage audio casette, to digital

Convert Your AUDIO CASETTE tape to digital

Keep your old favorite recordings in a format that will last forever. You will be grooving for decades

Old audio tape to mp3

Why Should I convert my audio cassette tape to digital?

As cool as audio casette tapes were in their day, unfortunately they do not last long.

Old audio tape to mp3 conversion team

use someone you can trust

With hundreds of satisfied customers, you can trust Freeman Productions with our audio cassette tape to digital service

Cassette Tape To Digital


Remember in the old days when you used to listen to those groovy tunes on your Walkman? Those were the days! Its sad that now you have that old box full of your old favourite tapes with no way to play them. Wouldn’t it be amazing to relive those times without having to dig through eBay to find an old tape player?

Cassette Tape To Digital

Luckily Freeman Productions offers an audio cassette tape to digital conversion service that will have you grooving to those old tunes in no time. Give us a call in our Johannesburg offices for a quote.

We can also convert LP’s and reel to reel tapes to digital 

Why convert my audio cassette tapes to digital?


Your audio cassette tapes are unfortunately subject to quality loss. This can happen either from exposure to the elements or from repeated use. Our audio cassette tape to digital will fix this problem

Easier to play

Finding a working audio cassette player these days is next to impossible. Once your audio cassette tape to digital service is complete, they should play on almost any audio playing device.

Digital will not degrade

Once converted, your tapes will potentially survive forever

music tape converted to digital

Publish your tapes

Your newly transfered tapes can be saved to the cloud. This means that your old lost recordings can be available to the world

Relive your music

There is nothing quite like listening to your old music for the first time in years

Show everyone!

You can share your converted tapes with your friends and family!


What an absolute pleasure to work with such decent people who give absolute attention to detail in the most loving and professional way
Chaim Tuch
Freemen Productions were amazing to work with. They were calm and relaxed throughout.
Stacey Sinclair
I was very pleased with the quality of the work. Extremely professional and the turnaround time to deliver was exceptionally fast. I had a great experience with Freemen Productions and will definitely be using their services going forward!
This was exceptional service and the quality of the conversion is something that I did not expect at all. I would highly recommend Freeman Productions to anyone. Outstanding! Thank you very much for eternalizing our old memories
Wynand Viljoen


Converted tape media

Surprise your friends and family with copies of your converted tapes

Old music to digital

Please back up your transferred conversions regularly. This way you can enjoy them for decades to come

Music tape to CD

Its such a simple process, just copy and paste



The first step is to give each one of your tapes a unique label so you can identify the audio files to the physical casettes


Next, we plug an audio cassette player into a pc which uses software to digitise the audio waves


We then go through a process where we take out any empty space and make sure that your tapes captured correctly

Files are saved

Finally, your tapes are saved as MP3's and copied to your storage device. It's as simple as that

How do you convert audio cassette tapes to digital

cassette tape conversions


The vintage audio tape conversion service

We know how important this is

Amazing reviews


YOUR COnverted audio cassette tapes will run on anything

What format do my audio cassette tapes get converted to?

We transfer all of audio tape jobs to an MP3 format.  This allows you to play them on most playing devices. We can also convert to other formats (such as WAV) at your request

Listening to digitised
converted cassette tape player

My tape is damaged, can it still be converted?

Yes! We can repair broken tapes and even remove mould from very old tapes. What can be retrieved from the broken tape will largely be dependant on the quality of the tape.


Audio cassettes transfer service in johannesburg



questions YOU MAY HAVE

There is no limit, bring as many as you need

Absolutely! For individuals and organisations alike, we are here for you!

We have systems in place that will make your tapes sound as good as possible although the quality of the final product will depend on the quality of the tape.

You can either bring your own USB or we can provide one.

Please contact us below to get a quote

Usually this will take somewhere between 10 – 20 working days. We do offer express delivery as an option

Not only can we convert audio formats such as LP’s and reel to reel audio, we can also convert a wide variety of video formats from VHS to hi8 tapes and more!



We at Freeman Productions take pride in our conversion services. Converting old media can be a rewarding experience like a man hearing the sound of his fathers voice for the first time. So what are you waiting for? Those cool funky tunes are waiting for you to groove to them! We at Freeman Productions take extreme pride in allowing you to get back those old times that filled you with so much joy!

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