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Drone videography​


Portable drone use in Johannesburg


With drone videography, you can get aerial footage that will shock and amaze you.

Areal recording Johannesburg


Show your headquarters in a whole new light

Small drone. Johannesburg event videography


You will never truly see the scale of an event , unless you see it from a birds eye view

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Freeman productions videography balloon

20 years ago if you wanted to get any video footage from a very high perspective, the only way to really do it would be a helicopter. This would cost you thousands upon thousands and not guarantee you any sort of usable result. Luckily today we have drones, a much more effective way of capturing aerial footage without breaking the bank.

Freeman productions videography balloon

Drones work by attaching small cameras to a machine that can be remotely controlled. They are self stabilizing and are able to create the most fantastic shots you have ever seen! Because they are so small and versatile, they can cheaply be flown into the air multiple times to get the absolute best shot that you may need. They can fly up, down, left right almost instantaneously so you never miss any of the action.

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Amazing visuals

Wow your customers with unbelievable visuals

Sense of professionalism

The sense of quality you get from drone videography is unmatched

Capture events

Your next event will be captured in breathtaking scale

beautiful tree isolated in drone footage Johannesburg

Unseen angle

Show off your headquarters or building in a new increadible angle

Smooth as silk

The footage will be incredibly smooth

Show off your great expanses

Have a skyline or view you want to include in a video? Drone videography will give that to you in spades

Why use Drone videography

City of cape town, south africa drone capture

Seen to be believed

Drone footage needs to be seen to be believed. Imagine you are organising a video for a festival that will entertain thousands of people. You can have a camera recording every inch of that event but none of them will truly capture the scale of the attendance. Seeing thousands of people scurrying around like little ants gives your video a sense of intrigue that it could never otherwise have.

Establishing shots

Drone footage also makes for great establishing shots of buildings. The drone can quickly and effortlessly show the size and scale of any location faster and more majestically than a human with a camera ever could!

Aerial view of skyscrapers cityscape in business district of Johannesburg


Birds captured in drone flyby
Birds captured in drone flyby


Other questions you may have

Not at all, the sound of the drones can not be heard easily as they fly too high to be audible. They are also so small that they are noticeable so you can be rest assured that they will not cause any interference with your event

You would really be surprised when you see how breathtaking this footage really can be!

Firstly the motion is incredibly smooth as the drones have sophisticated gyroscopes installed that allows them to remain completely smooth and stationary as they move

The resolution we shoot at is 4k, which effectively quadruples the resolution of regular HD cameras. This means that we can zoom up to 4 times into the picture to capture only the most intense part of the action and still maintain fantastic quality!

Because each project is unique in its requirements, we can offer you a quote of you contact us today

We are able to edit Aerial footage into anything you wish with our video editing service



So what are you waiting for? Give your video that wow factor that will completely blow everyone away. Show them the majesty and scale of your events! Show them the power of the sky!

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