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Put your company on the map

Freeman Productions is an experienced video production company based in Johannesburg, ready to put your business on the map with our easy and effective corporate video production services

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Corporate video production

Get your brand into the minds of many potential new customers


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Years of experience

With years of experience in corporate video production, Freeman Productions is the company that will get your corporate video done right

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Thousands of resources

We have thousands of stock resources for you to choose from


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Corporate video production is its own genre of video production – one that must be handled appropriately by professionals who understand the nuances of such a project. Freeman Productions is a company that understands the importance of brand-driven corporate video production and the impact it can have on a company of any size.

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These details set one video production company apart from its competition. This is what sets our team apart from others in the industry. We have the passion, resources, and expertise to create high-quality corporate videos with visual impact, videos that will not only deliver specific messages to a particular target audience but will help to grow an overall brand through consistency, and are versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications. Please have a look at our 200+ google reviews from satisfied customers.

We also offer other video production services such as video editing and animated explainer videos.

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Get the word out

There is no better way to spearhead a marketing campaign than with a high quality professional corporate video

Brand awareness

Your product or service will be placed on the map

Processed faster

The human brain processes videos much faster than words or images, giving your company the competitive edge

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Social media friendly

Your video can spread like wildfire through social media, giving your business the attention it deserves

Your freedom

Your preference always come first, we will hone the video to your exact needs and specifications


With many years as a video production company, Freeman Productions knows exactly what will work to make your corporate video excel





We start with the pre-production phase where you can meet with us and discuss the nature of your corporate video needs. Much like the creation of a house, all videos are different and these differences need to be respected. Because of this we will work with you closely to understand exactly how you want your video to go. With our over 25 years of video production experience we can help guide you with advice of what works and what doesn't.

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Script writing

You can then chat with our professional script writer who will work closely with you to create a fantastic script to your specifications. From this script, a shot list will be drafted where we can decide what will be shot and when stock footage may be used.


We move on to the production phase where we shoot the video with our professional, state of the art camera equipment. We can even incorporate drone shots to record establishing shots of your building. During this phase we take special precautions to make sure that the audio of the video is spectacular and well produced. Audio is one of the most important aspects of the video making process and viewers can tell when shortcuts are taken.

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After your video has been shot, it goes through an extensive editing process before it gets delivered to you. Here is where music, sound mixing and colour grading are introduced.

How can stock footage help?

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Thousands of resources

At Freeman Productions we have paid access to the largest stock footage, photo, After Effects and music archives in the world. This allows us legal access to thousands upon thousands of resources at our fingertips. This gives you not only tremendous bang for your buck but also huge amounts of choice and customisation options when creating your video!

Your choice

What this amounts to is that you can make your corporate video exactly the way you want it with just a fraction of the time and money. Just pick the resource you want and we can immediately add it to the video without taking any extra time or resources to shoot unnecessary footage.

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Your options


We can do almost anything you need in your corporate and market videos but here are a few examples:

Drone footage, professional videography solutions for your product, customer video testimonials and green screen and teleprompter services.

We have a vast amount of After Effects templates, stock footage and music at your fingertips. Our professional in house voice recording and script writing will elevate your video to the next level.

But at the end of the day the best way to see what we can do for you is to give us a call and have a chat. We would love to discuss how we can assist with your corporate video needs.

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Other questions you may have

Because all videos are different in scope and resources, you can contact us today for a quote on your specific needs

You can be as involved in the project as you like, we are flexible to your needs

Yes! Your video can be shared through all the major social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp etc

Of course! Its your video after all, we can work to your exact specifications and revisions



The only way to ensure a return on investment and leverage the power of video to help you achieve success is by working with the right video production company; a true leader in corporate video production. Freeman Productions is that leader – with over 25 years of experience, our a dynamic team of video professionals who are ready to put their passion, creativity and expertise to work for you!

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