Creating the perfect corporate video is like building a house

Why making a corporate video is like building a house

Like a House

Creating the perfect corporate video is just like building a house in that they both require a solid foundation, a clear plan, and attention to detail. A well-made corporate video reflects the values and vision of the company it represents, just as a house is a reflection of the person who built it.

Let’s dissect how this works.

Lay the foundation

A strong foundation is the building block of any great house. In corporate video production, this means defining the purpose and goals of the video. What point are you trying to make? Whom are you trying to reach? After watching the video, how do you want them to feel or act? Everything else will fall into place once you have a solid foundation.

The blueprint

blue print

You shouldn’t begin filming a corporate video without a plan, just as you wouldn’t begin building a house without a blueprint. This is where pre-production comes in. Making a plan for your video includes storyboarding, scripting, and location scouting. The more detail put into this stage, the smoother the actual filming will be.

Build the structure

It’s now time to begin construction! When creating a corporate video, this entails filming the video, making the voice over, and collecting any additional materials. It’s crucial to follow the plan as closely as you can, but you should also be adaptable enough to make changes as necessary.

Add the finishing touches

In the same way that painting, landscaping, and other finishing touches are added to a house, the final details are added to a corporate video during the editing and post-production stages. This can involve adding graphics or animation, sound mixing, or colour correction. These finishing touches can elevate a good video to greatness.

When all these steps are completed, the end product is a flawless corporate video that is dependable, attractive, and well-constructed. It serves as a useful tool for informing the audience about the company’s values and vision. So let’s don our hard hats and begin construction!

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