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Freeman Productions offers a great opportunity to digitise your 35mm slides

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Convert 35mm Slides to digital

Forget about that dusty old box of slides, we can bring them to the 21st century with our conversion service


Mp4 recover

Convert Negatives to digital

We convert all types of film, including negatives into a digital format that you can enjoy for decades!


Floppy disk transfer

Digital touch up

At request, as an additional service, we can touch up your photos on photoshop


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Today taking pictures is easy, you see the dog doing something cute and you just whip out your phone and take a snap. Because of this, we have easy access to hundreds of photos on our phones or computers that we can save and enjoy forever. But what about all the photos that were taken before the digital age? Is there a way we can add them to our growing cyber collection?

Hand holding data storage handy drive isolated on white

If you, like many people, have a box filled with old slides and are lost as to how to get them converted into a format that can be appreciated in the 21st century, then you are in luck! Freeman productions can scan these old photos and save them onto a USB so you can view them, print them or just keep them for future generations! Give us a call today and we can convert your slides in our studio right here in Johannesburg. We also convert other formats such as VHS and Vynl.

Why should I convert my slides?


By converting your 35mm slides, you will be able to view them on any modern device that can show digital photos


35mm slides can get damages and loose their quality when exposed to the elements

Lasts forever

Your new photos could last forever

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relive your history

Honestly, there is nothing like looking at your old photos for the first time in years

Publish your photos online

When we have converted your 35mm slides you can save them to the internet

share your photos

Your friend and family will be delighted to share your special moments with you. It is as simple as sharing a digital file



If you have brought us boxes or packets of 35mm slides then it is important that everything stays in the correct place. The way we do this is by labeling each box. This will also allow you to more easily recon your photos when you get them back

Capturing your slides

Now that everything has been labeled, our next step is to actually capture the 35mm slides. We do this by individually scanning each image with a special machine designed to capture them


If necessary, the next step is to put your photos through a process where we improve the quality of the photos


Thats it! At this point we will save your photos to a storage device of your choice and then you can enjoy your photos for generations to come

How do you convert slides?



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You can share and copy your 35mm

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Its a good idea to back up your photos as much as possible. This will help ensure that they last for generations!

Visualizing Data

Its unbelievably easy! Just copy and paste the files


Very happy with my slide conversations. Super vast and very helpful. Would definitely recommend them to save your memories.
Willie Tania Kaylin Van Graan
This was exceptional service and the quality of the conversion is something that I did not expect at all. I would highly recommend Freeman Production to anyone. Outstanding!
Wynand Viljoen
I had been searching for a conversion company & Freeman Productions Were by far the best in price & definitely in service as well, even though I had only telephonic discussions, the staff were so helpful and really had me stress free I would Highly Recommend Freeman Productions Conversions!!!!


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WE LIVE IN A DIGITAL WORLD so you should be able to view them on digital devices

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What if I want my photos printed?

If you are the sort of person that likes to have physical photos but does not know whether your 35mm slides are worth printing, then having them scanned is a wonderful idea! Once the photos have been scanned then you be able to view them all in glorious detail and can print the best ones that you want to keep physically.

My 35mm slides are decades old! Will they still look okay?

Yes! From our experience, 35mm slides look great even after being left for decades. 

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We understand

5 star google reviews


Other questions you may have

Not at all, you can bring in as many as you like!

While the quality will depend on the state of the film or negatives, we can say that you would be surprised at the quality of film! Just because film is an older technology, does not mean that it does not compete with the photos of today, some even argue that they look better!

Yes, we can convert 38mm slides and negatives for  individuals and companies

We do provide our own USB’s and portable HDDs. You can bring your own if you wish as long as there is enough free capacity.

If you contact us today we can provide you with a quote

While every job is different and demands different requirements, on average we take 10 – 20 working days. In a hurry? No problem, we offer express delivery on request

We convert all types of media! From MiniDv’s to vinyl and 8mm cine reel transfers, Freeman Productions is here to help



Its finally time to update that photo collection! Memories last forever but film does not. Give those moments the respect that they deserve. So what are you waiting for, get out that box of photos and transport them to the 21st century!

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