How we transfer VHS to Digital

How we transfer VHS to Digital

VHS to Digital

Do you possess a collection of VHS tapes that are home to priceless memories? These videos, whether they are family videos or your favorite childhood films, are significant pieces of your history. However, VHS tapes are becoming obsolete as time and technology progress, and it is getting harder to find a VHS player to play them on. We at Freeman Productions is available to assist you in converting your VHS tapes to a digital format.

At Freeman Productions, we convert your VHS tapes to digital format using cutting-edge tools and technology.
This blog post will go through this progress of transferring a VHS tape (or other media) into digital.

Labeling Each Tape

Firstly, there is the labeling process. At Freeman Productions, we recognize the value of keeping your VHS tapes organized, this is why we label each tape at the beginning of the procedure. We do this by putting a small sticker on each tape and label it with the tape number and the job number. Once the transfer process is finished, it will be simple for you to refer back to the physical tapes because each tape is given its distinct number.
This labeling system makes it easier for you to access your memories whenever you need them by assisting in keeping them properly organized and accessible. You can feel secure knowing that your memories will be well-cared for and simple to find when you need them thanks to our labeling system.

Capturing the Tape

Next we will capture your tapes. Using a mixture of legacy and modern systems, we will transfer your tapes to a digital format. We offer tape mould removal and tape repair as additional services if the job requires it.

Authoring the Tapes

VHS Cassette disassembled

Next is the authoring process. Using the latest equipment, and this procedure finalises the process in an MP4 format which is a worldwide standard that can be enjoyed on many devices

Saved to USB

The final step is saving your transferred tapes to a storage medium of your choice. We understand that your memories are precious, and we want to ensure that they are properly stored and protected for years to come this is why we recommend we back up your tapes!


That’s it! Now you can watch and enjoy your tapes for years and years to come!

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