Revive Your Old Film

Revive Your Old Film

It can last decades

We all have or know someone who has an old box of film stashed somewhere in the house, accumulating dust and likely being forgotten. But did you know that transferring those vintage 8mm and super 8mm films to digital might still be worth doing even after decades? Additionally, converting them can guarantee their longevity for many years to come.

A fragile media like film can deteriorate over time. The film may lose its usability when exposed to heat, light, or humidity. Digitising your film is the best option if you want to keep your memories safe for future generations. That being said, even film from as long ago as the 1950’s may still be in a good condition an worth converting.

The Advantages of Film Digitisation

You can watch your film on your computer, iPad, or TV once it has been digitally converted. You can also email or post it on social media to share with your loved ones. If you like, the footage can even be edited and manipulated with software.

Here are several important reasons why you should consider digitising your old 8mm and Super 8mm film reels:

  • Digital formats are much more durable. Unlike film, which can be damaged by heat, humidity, and other environmental factors, digital formats are much more resistant to degradation.
  • Digital copies are more convenient to access and share. With a digital version of your film, you can easily watch and share your memories with friends and family on a variety of devices.
  • They will allow you to preserve your films for future generations. By transferring your film to a digital format, you can ensure that your memories will be around for your children and grandchildren to enjoy.

For example, imagine watching a converted film of your grandfather as a child, playing with his siblings while on holiday in Cape Town. It’s a reminder of the joy and innocence of childhood, and it’s a chance to relive those memories in a way that’s not possible with photographs or other mementos. Imagine the look on his face when he sees these memories again.


Why You Should Get Your Film Digitised Now

The longer you wait to digitise your film, the more likely it is to degrade. If you wait too long, the film may become too damaged to convert. So, if you want to preserve your memories and keep them safe for future generations, it’s best to get your film digitised as soon as possible.


One of the easiest ways to determine if your film is still in good condition is to hold it up to the light. If the film is still visible and the images are clear, then it’s definitely worth converting. This is a great opportunity to relive those precious memories and share them with others. You might be surprised at how well your old film has held up over the years. It’s a true testament to the durability of film as a medium. Even if it’s been decades since the film was last used, you can still enjoy the memories captured on it.

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