In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for sustained success. With the digital age transforming the way companies connect with their audience, corporate video production has emerged as a strategic investment with tremendous potential. In this comprehensive blog post, we'll delve deep into the myriad reasons why allocating resources to...

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing the attention of potential customers has become more challenging than ever. Whether you’re planning a real estate listing, promotional video, event coverage, or any project that needs to stand out, incorporating drone videography can be your secret weapon. Drones have revolutionized the way we capture footage, offering unique perspectives and breathtaking visuals that can add that “wow factor” to your project...

Music has the unparalleled ability to convey emotions, tell stories, and connect with audiences on a profound level. In today’s digital age, where visual content dominates our screens, music videos have become a vital tool for musicians to enhance their storytelling and engage with their fans. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an established one, producing a music video is an exciting opportunity to bring your music to life through a visual medium...

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, one technology-driven trend stands out prominently: e-learning through educational videos. The traditional classroom setting is no longer the sole platform for acquiring knowledge...

In the age of smartphones and instant digital gratification, it's easy to forget the joy of reliving memories captured on film. Many of us have a forgotten treasure trove of memories stored away in the form of...

In the fast-paced world of corporate videos, making a lasting impression on your audience is crucial. One powerful tool that can transport your message to any corner of the globe is the use of chroma key videos. With the right technique, this technology can seamlessly place you anywhere in the world, enhancing the visual appeal...

We're living in an era where content is king, and when it comes to content, videos are the crown jewel...

Ever heard that old saying, "Everyone has a story to tell"? Well, this is as true for brands as it is for individuals. Your brand...

If you're anything like me, you know that in today's competitive market, having a strong brand is everything. But did you know that one secret...

Hey there, friends in the corporate world! We all know how fast-paced and competitive the business landscape has become...

Welcome to the world of animated explainer videos, where creativity meets conversion! As an experienced videographer...

Businesses nowadays are always seeking for fresh and creative methods to connect with their target audience and increase sales. While any marketing plan must include text-based material like blog posts and articles...

Video editing is the process of turning unpolished footage into a coherent and captivating visual narrative...

YouTube has emerged as one of the most widely used sites for sharing and enjoying video content in the current digital era. With more than 2 billion monthly active users...

A skill like photography calls for more than just technical knowledge. A competent photographer has specific...

Whether it be a play, podcast, or even a commercial, sound design is an important component of every production. A production's....

As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of your brand's values and mission to your success. These guiding principles assist you in standing out in a competitive market...

One of the most significant and sentimental days in a couple's life is their wedding day. They want to cherish these special moments for the rest of their lives because it is a day full of love, joy, and them...

In many ways, creating a video is similar to baking a cake. The act of producing something visually and emotionally pleasant is at the heart of both...

Video editing is the process of turning unpolished footage into a coherent and captivating visual narrative...

Do you have trouble getting people to notice your products? Do you believe that there is not enough traffic or revenue coming into your social media pages or online store?...

Lights, camera, action! There are a few essential elements that set a videographer apart from the competition when it comes to producing a memorable video.

Video editing is the process of turning unpolished footage into a coherent and captivating visual narrative. A skilled editor can transform a series of random shots into a polished, expert-looking piece that grabs the audience's attention and leaves a lasting impression, whether it's a corporate video, a movie, or a home video...

Explaining difficult ideas or concepts to your audience through animated explainer videos is entertaining and effective. They tell a narrative and demystify even the most complex subjects using animation, graphics, and narration...

Video editing is the process of turning unpolished footage into a coherent and captivating visual narrative...

Just like a house, they both require a solid foundation, a clear plan, and attention to detail. A well-made corporate video reflects the values and vision of the company it represents, just as a house is a reflection of the person who built it...

Have you ever sat through a corporate video that was so dull and repetitive that after the first minute, you found yourself dozing off? We have all been there. To avoid this you have to use a qualified and trained voice actor for your upcoming corporate...

Do you possess a collection of VHS tapes that are home to priceless memories? These videos, whether they are family videos or your favorite childhood films, are significant pieces of your history...

Video content reigns supreme in the era of digital marketing. Video is the preferred method for businesses to connect with their audience across all platforms, from social media sites to corporate websites...

Corporate videos have become an important tool in today's digital age for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and drive sales...

VHS tapes are a thing of the past. Do you know anyone that still has a way to play them?

If you have a collection of old photos, you may be wondering what to do with them. While it's always nice to flip through physical copies of your memories, there are a number of benefits to digitizing your photos...

Did you know that transferring those vintage 8mm and super 8mm films to digital might still be worth doing even after decades?

The Demise of the VCR Old But Not Forgotten Remember the days when you had to get up and physically rewind a VHS tape? Or when the picture would get all fuzzy and you had to adjust the tracking? Ah, the good old days. But let’s be real, those days are long gone. The VCR …

The Demise of the VCR Read More »

A new technology that would alter how we watch movies at home first appeared in the late 1970s...

We all have memories that we hold dear to our hearts. For some, it's a photograph, for others, it's a letter, and for some, it's the sound of a loved one's voice...

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are opting to leave their old VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, and Hi8 tapes behind in favour of digital formats...

Old Media Conversions What Memories! There is something truly special about receiving converted media, such as converting VHS tapes, 8mm film, MiniDV tapes, or photo negatives. With boxes of old media sitting in your storeroom, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, that’s where Freeman Productions comes in. As you begin to explore …

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Created a 30 second commercial highlighting all the work ARUP have done. ARUP is a multinational engineering firm headquartered in London with branches around the world.

The brilliant rose cut is the art of shaping the ultimate diamond. FP showcosesed the uniqueness of the “brilliant rose” diamond. The video includes voice over, shot footage as well as stock footage.

A family-owned business, established in 1955, that employs more than 100 staff. They are an importer and distributor of motor spares. FP produced, scripted, shot and edited their marketing video presentation.

Start my car is a huge online rangeof motors spares in Africa. FP created an animated video that promotes their new online shopping website, the video includes white board animations, sound effectsand voice over.

One of South Africa’s leading law firm that operates in collaboration with global law firm, Linklaters . FP filmed and edited the event for “legal Journalist of the year” which was widely publicised.

Specialised keyless, intelligent safes that allow retailers to securely stock high valued items in a safe, alarmed and monitored environment. FP and edited a series of training and instructional videos that show theirclients how to use their products.

FP created a 50 second 2D animated video to promote their new app, for a cashless carwash service, the video includes a voice over and sound effects to create maximum effect

Created a series of 9 animated video commercials for Argus Motor Company. The commercials were flighted on DSTV during a locally produced show “ignition

Produced a corporate video for non-hospital-based radiology practice that illustrates the various radiological services that they offer, The video included cinematic slider shots as well drone footage, 3 extras were used.

Accredited cash home buyers, that will get you an offer within 7 days. They needed a 2D animated marking video that shows the services that they offer using a combination of voice over and sound effects.

The largest diamond factory in the country with branches worldwide, we produced their international corporate video for world wide sales.

FP filmed and edited their corporate video which included interviews from previous students as well as current students and the lecturers themselves, it includes voice over and animated titles, and DLSR footage.

“Supporting your BreastfeedingJourney” FP produced their corporate video that promotes their various products using a combination of after effects animation, voice over and still images.

FP filmed the key note address from Executive Director at “The World Retail Congress Africa”

FP edited together a video for a live event that would showcase Calvin Klein’s work. The video used a combination of video, still images and sound effects.

“A Quest for an African-Christian Spirituality”. The video includes compositing, title animations and graphics

“Reflections on inculturation in the Southern African Context”. The video includes compositing as well as title animations and graphics

Nido held a free car wash for Mother’s Day at a busy shopping centre. FP filmed unsuspecting mothers’ and their todlers as they were treated to a free car wash.

A training, consultant company, specialising in accounting and finance. We produced an instructional & educational video for theirCA Training Programme.

A video tour of one of their properties for sale. The largest Jewish Food Fund, a non-profit organization. The video includes DLSR footage as well as title animations

A family-owned business, established in 1955, that employs more than 100 staff. They are an importer and distributor of motor spares. FP produced, scripted, shot and edited their marketing video presentation.

The Jewish Inter-school Challenge, event coverage of the school challenge that took place. The video is upbeat and showed the events on the day.

We were commissioned to produce a series of 12 marketing and product demo inserts over 12 months.

FP produced a long form cinematic documentary highlighting the evolution of this vibrant community over 50 years.

We produced a marketing video and internal for the groups black empowerd company“Ukhamba”. The video was translated into 4 languages.

Sales and product video as wellas full interactive multimedia presentation.

Corporate video for the concession bid, and induction video for new staff

Corporate video and full multimedia for SA’s largest producer of Wire and Strand.

A 30 minute documentary on the life of the chairman of Prime Media (702, Ster Kinekor, Highveld 94.7 etc)

Multimedia presentation for the insurance seta including videos.

Corporate and sales video.

Industrial manufacturers of breaks and heavy vehicle components. We produced a video and multimedia presentation.

Corporate video.

Corporate video and multimedia for the group. We also did the TV ad for the ABSA TV network

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. FP produced a 15 minute video that covers their groundbreaking social study.

National Productivity Development Centre. We produced a video to showcase the expertise and skills that this centre offers.

Marketing videos and DVD’s for these prestigious colleges for 3 years.

National corporate and sales video, as well as 2 TV ads for SABC.

Professional DVD authoring of their 2 corporate videos for this international cruise line company.

Produced a 18 minute video/interactive DVD discussing the operation and benefits of the Smokecloack serurity system adopted by their client Standard Bank.

FP produced an interactive instructional DVD programme on the operation elements of a certain alam panel.

Produced the company’s corporate video which was incorporated into a multimedia presentation. We also advised them on the process of re-branding their entire company.

We produced a 7 minute corporate video that was put into a CD presentation. The company is in the forefront of the electrical engineering and power generation industry.

Various documentary inserts.

U.K based medical software company. We did a DVD production and H.Q were impressed, so they asked us to edit their DVD’s of their 2005 international symposium which resulted in a comprehensive 15 DVD series.

We filmed, edited and produced a DVD for their various call centers world wide, 3 in Johannesburg, 1 in Cape Town, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Holland

We produced a 7 minute corporate video, interactive DVD and multimedia presentation. The company is a leading supplier of industrial brakes and clutches to the mining and industrial sectors.

The advertising agency for the Jazz Foundation required a video presentation to incorporate into their own presentation in a bid to raise R45 million in sponsorship for the foundation.

Video interview with Adrian Gore on behalf of Virgin Active for their gym programme.

They make large mining and industrial trucks, dozers etc. International sales and marketing multimedia presentation.

Launch of their new state of the art monitor in Africa for incontinence.

Full corporate and marketing video and DVD for 5 consecutive years.

Risk finance video and multimedia presentation.

Internal corporate and motivational video for the well known medical aid. We also produced their year-endseminar videos.

Corporate video for their client Wieder who specialize in health drinks, formulas and food

Engineering company that have developed a state of the art methods of compaction. FP produced an 18 minute technical video, a 5 minute marketing video, 13 000 copies were made and distributed.

Shot and edited their involvement at Futurex. The video was entered into the Louries.

Corporate video for the telecommunications company

(Cheque Guarantee Services) – We produced a marketing video as well as a educational video for this financial company

Production of CCN’s international. We produced their 3 minute summary corporate overview amined at international delegations

FP produced a series of interviews that were broadcast cross the web. The videos explained the various entrance requirements for the Chairman’s Award Ceremony. We shot their major Call Centers across the country and edited a powerful presentation.

We filmed and produced a DVD for their corporate golf day

FP produced a 5 minute corporate video and interactive DVD presentation for this engineering consortium. The company has 11 workshops countrywide.This presentation is used as a marketing tool at director level

Production of a series of 2 minute clips consisting of information that the human resources department wanted to disseminate to staff over a 4 month period in Gauteng.

Produced a series spanning 10 months for HP of a monthly luck draw contest which their marketing company conceptualized. The product was translated into 11 languages and streamed monthly to staff in 15 countries.

FP produced a 7 minute documentary style DVD. This international company is located in 25 countries around the world and had written a software application to assist in the effective monitoring of 2500 HIV.

2 network TV ads of 30 seconds

Network TV ad

Network TV ad

Filming and Editing of CEO’s year end event for the biggest VAT reclaim firm in the world

We shot and edited a live marketing presentation of the CEO and marketing director for this company for use as a sales tool.

FP helped to market them on the Website through our Digital Media Services.

Azamra – Chuppah Medley – FP filmed and edited a music video for Aharon berk

Azamra – Chuppah Medley – FP filmed and edited a music video for Aharon berk

Converted hundreds of O.R Tambo’s personal collection of tapes which were used in a documentary.

A promotional video for placement in the USA as an au pair, the video was upbeat and showed the client’s personality in a fun and exciting way

The University of the Witwatersrand awarded Sir Jack Zunz an honorary doctorate of science in engineering, the event was filmed and edited.

A promotional video highlighting the benefits of the trust and the impact that it makes on the lives of the beneficiaries. The video includes interviews from the beneficiaries as well as those involved in the trust.

Digital Gate Scanner Solutions. Produced a 50sec commercial for their product using, 2D animation, white board elements, voice over and sound effects.

We produced 26 000 DVD’s to be packaged and sold as video instruction guides along with all of their treadmills in all Makro’s countrywide.

FP produced a TV ad for a cell phone sms campaign for one of their insurance products.

We were asked to replicate with glass master and stamper the CDs to his latest album.

Produced the DVDs for marketing purposes for this well known player in the confectionery food industry

Media conversions for the Saftey training department for this supplier of specialty gases to the South African region.

Environmental Flows Management in the Limpopo river basin. The video includes South African, Zimbabwean and Mozambican government. The video included interviews, after effects animation with titles.

FP filmed and edited an educational and instructional video that shows the importance of Mangroves in Mozambique in protecting biodiversity and climate resilience. The video includes interviews and footage from the mangrove areas

“The Development of a livelihoods Diversification Strategy for the Greater Limpopo Conservation Area” FP filmed and edited an educational video that included video scribe elements to explain the processes involved in implementing the project.

“Conservation for Resilience Youth Camp on the importance of the Groot Marico River.” Filmed and edited a video that follows the youth on a 2 day tour around the Groot Marico River to build their capacity.

Getting the most out of AdWords. FP created a 30 second white board animated advert that shows the services offered.

“Integrating Water Security and Climate Resilience into the Development Planning Process in Ghana” FP created an explainer video that includes interviews, white board animation elements and voice over

“Implementing the Water Climate Development Programme in Mozambique”. The video includes interviews, compositing, after effects animations, voice over and white board elements

The PSA is the largest politically non-affiliated, fully-representative, registered trade union, in the Public Service sector. FP filmed and edited their corporate video.

The employees at O.R Tambo received new uniforms and the event was captured along with interviews from the employees.

Filmed and edited hundreds of hours for numerous degrees and tertiary education courses

A leading egg donor agency in South Africa FP produced their corporate video which includes voice over, animated titles and compositing as well as drone and footage shot on DLSR.

Filmed and edited a series of 13 instructional videos that show their patients how to use their medication

Vitalab is a Johannesburg based fertility clinic that has been helping couples build families since 1984. FP produced their corporate video which includes voice over, interviews the doctors themselves as well as DLSR footage and stock footage.

The embryoscop is a incubation and monitoring system. The video includes interviews from the doctors as well as DLSR footage

“Getting to know your doctors” videos that introduces potential clients to the different doctors within the practice, the video includes interviews with each doctor as well as DLSR footage.

Global leader in navigation and mapping products. FP filmed and edited their year end event that took place at Urban Tree The video was upbeat and shows all the entertainment and activities that took place on the evening

Multi-managed investment related services to both institutional and private investors. FP filmed and edited 3 different workshops that aimed at strengthening the companies culture

FP filmed the social event that took place to showcase some of the BBC’s local TV content. The video was aimed at highlighting the events and entertainment that took place on the day.

FP filmed the social event that took place to showcase some of the BBC’s local TV content. The video was aimed at highlighting the events and entertainment that took place on the day.

Connecting young professionals. FP filmed an interview conducted by Bronwyn Nielsen with Adrian Gore. The event was aimed at young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Connecting young professionals. FP filmed an interview conducted by Bronwyn Nielsen with the Blue Label Brothers “Mark Levy & Brett Levy”. The event was aimed at young professionals and entrepreneurs.

They needed a marketing video to accompany their website that was in keeping with their branding

We filmed and produced a DVD for their corporate golf day.

We produced the CD replications for the theme song for SA world cup, sponsored by the Department of Sport & recreation.

Numerous company profile videos for this ACTOM owned engineering company.

Property Seminar filmed, edited and packaged.

15 x 4 camera productions for well known business coach Dr Brian Jude on various crucial business skills.

Upmarket and Elegant function and Conference center. FP produced their marketing video to be played in their main reception area.

Other prestigious clients

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